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    idea for an Assassin's creed set in the 30 years war

    My idea for a dark and gritty Assassin's creed set in the 30 years war:

    I would have a German protagonist named Albrecht Fritz who was born in 1608 to a rich family in the holy Roman empire Alberecht lived a decent life that he took for Granted because of his fathers status as a soldier for the holy Roman empire and his mother and sisters who were Nobles i would have 3 hours of the story dedicated to knowing Alberechts family at the beginning like Ezios family in Assassins creed 2, years passed and it became 1618 the dawn of the 30 years war the Bohemians took Albrechts family and burnt them alive right in front of him his he watched there ashes scattered he was filled with grief at the terror he sent and anger, With the help of the Holy Roman empire Alberecht seeks the Assassin's and trains to participate in the 30 years war by killing targets all across Bohemia and France that were responsible for his family's death, In this setting I would like to see dark scenery with hanging bodies as well as burning and destroyed buildings along with this scene of hopelessness as you walk 1600s Germany and Bohemia.

    I would also love hood toggle, Unitys parkour system, Unity's weapon variety, very weighty combat and a really strong stealth system.
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    Hmm, now that's one I don't think I've seen suggested before.
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