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    Killed Podarkes (probably) but unconfirmed, unable to bring him back

    I've read a number of forums but can't get Podarkes to show up (again maybe).

    I've cleared the leader house in Mykonos, but Podarkes is still not dead on the cultists screen. I didn't know he was a cultist when I killed him, I think. I'm level 50 now, so I think it was a while ago. I don't have the Athenian boots that I think you get from him. I've gone back to the leader house, and his body is not there to confirm the kill.

    I can't trigger the Trouble in Paradise quest--even after hailing the Adrestia, fast traveling away and then back and going to the beach (all as suggested in a forum). The diamond for the quest isn't showing.

    The Athenian leadership is showing up as vulnerable, but a conquest battle isn't available in order to bring back the leader. The leader is showing as undiscovered, but there isn't one in the leader house. No matter how much I destroy war supplies, the nation power doesn't change because it's at a minimum.

    What can I do?
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    Any workaround to this bug?

    Bump. Is there anything you can do?
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    You have to find the quest on the message board on the mast of the ship.
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    Hello there drtomcatan! Sorry about the delayed response!

    I also responded to you over on this thread, but thank you for confirming you were able to find the quest on the message board on the ship's mast. I'm glad you've been able to proceed with the quest!
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