Ubisoft if you're reading this I would love to see these features and improvements in a Assassin's creed Unity remaster:

1. Syndicate level of textures and visual polish (since Syndicate is a year after Unity it would be really fitting for a Unity remaster to have these type of visuals to hammer in the graphical difference from its Last Gen counterpart)

2. Ray traced visuals ( This is also very important because Ray tracing creates a fine amount lighting displaying the visual effects with objects and environments)

3. Hood toggle through a button prompt (it was a very requested feature upon the original games release and many of us would love to this feature in remaster for Unity and also it would add so much immersion and player choice )

4. Hand to hand combat(which would give players more Avenues for non lethal takedowns and pacifists approaches for how they wanna handle things)

5. The ability for players to unequip fire arms (A feature like this would make a unity remaster shine as it would add so much more replayability and incentives to do challenges without the use of long ranged weapons)

6. No Optional objectives (This maybe pretty controversial but the exclusion of this would benefit our experiences greatly for this potential remaster as us players won't have to be confined by the games restrictive requirements we would be able to formulate our own approaches and have freedom to do a mission as we please and as much times as we also replay said mission)

7. Additional outfits (I would love to have additional cosmetic outfits for this remaster like Augliars and Bayeks outfit, Haytham kenway, Along with the formal attire Arno wears at beginning of the game)