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    history vs path to kingdom vs history collection


    nvidia geforce now finally support settlers 7 !! :-) they write settlers 7 history edition

    so i want to buy settlers7 , but which version?

    - path to kingdom has all dlc
    - history collection contains all settlers including path to kingdom - but w/ or W6o all dlc? (no clue in desc.)
    - and then settlers7 history edition ... whats that for?
    i was thinking upgrade to systems, 4k, multi mon - but then i saw history collection markets itself with the same features.

    the collection's title is very similar.. but does not mention whether it contains the history editions..

    can someone set this straight - what do i get with what version? (if someone uses it a geforcenow and tells, that would be a kill shot on this problem)

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    taken from my support chat:

    Ubi-Good (9/13/2020, 1:10:16 PM): So the history edition is windows 10 compatible, that is like a remastered version of the original game, the path to kingdom is not.
    Ubi-Good (9/13/2020, 1:12:31 PM): the collection has all 7 gamesand they are windows 10 compatible as well.
    Ubi-Good (9/13/2020, 1:14:23 PM): All games in the History Collection are history edition. And they include all available DLCs
    Ubi-Good (9/13/2020, 1:15:35 PM): You get all seven games with all DLCs and get settlers 7 history edition
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