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    My in-depth criticism on the Prince of Persia Remake.


    Prince of Persia Remake. My Perspective.

    So after watching the Ubisoft Forward event live on Twitch and seeing the Prince of Persia Remake reveal I gotta admit, at first I only felt dissapointment, maybe my expectations were set to high maybe not because I was comparing this remake to the remakes out there like RE2, FFVII, Spyro, Crash etc. and some of those remakes are exceptionally well done, the quality is top of the line with these remakes.
    The day after the event, I calmed down a bit, had time to think and rewatched the trailer and look at the trailer with "now what is actually good and what is actually bad or mediocre and could use some attention" in mind, so here goes.

    The Positive:

    -The fact that Yuri Lowenthal is back as the voice actor for The Prince is actually big, if the voice would be different that would be a huge problem and the game would instantly feel way to different from the original, thanks Yuri!

    -The environments aren't neccesarily perfect and overall hold a different vibe to them in my oppinion, but they do actually look quite good, I really can't complain about the environmental design, (EDIT: Overall the game has this "warm" vibe to it, I like it.)

    The Negative:

    -The main characters overall look quite unrealistic, especially the faces and hair, the hair doesn't look very alive, there isn't a lot of motion to be seen and this is especially apparent in the scene where the Maharahja delivers The Hourglass of Time to the Sultan of Azad, where The Prince places the dagger into the Hourglass and Farah shouts out to The Prince, Farah's hair looks quite dead and motionless.

    -The game overall looks a bit to oversaturated and could be toned down a bit, this might also help with the red face the Vizier has in the scene where The Prince tries to get on top of the Hourglass and the Vizier tries to stop him, it doesn't look that great in my oppinion.

    My 2 cents on how to polish this Remake into something (hopefully) beautiful and something to remember:

    Give the main characters the attention they deserve, tweak the faces a bit more to resemble how they looked in the original game, take the cutscene for example at the beginning of the "original game" where the Maharahja gives the Hourglass to the Sultan of Azad and the Prince opens it, in that scene the Prince, Farah and the Vizier actually look like how they should look in the Remake, please take these models as a guideline to tweaking the characters.

    Lower the overall saturation of the game a bit, not a lot, but it does look to oversaturated.

    Now this might be something that would be hard to change at this point, but the sand monsters look more like living sand sculptures than actual "sand zombies", now this might be something subjective I admit, but I think people would agree with me here. (EDIT: I don't think they look bad at all, I think they look good, just something I would like to see adjusted a bit if possible, I understand this might be hard and undoable at this stage of development.)

    Now something else, please change the sword used by the Prince on the Prince of Persia Remake artwork, you know what I mean, the one that looks more like a big sickle or a scythe, it looks to long and the split end of the sword is to much in my oppinion, I think this is something a lot of people would agree upon. (EDIT: This wouldn't matter at all, unless it would became the box cover art! Cous if so, please adjust this.)

    This is it, I am sure I will come up with some more stuff if I would give it some more time, but I think I covered most of the stuff that requires the most attention.

    Thank you for reading, I hope this helps and have a great day!


    Darqwatch, a big Prince of Persia fan since the release of PoP The Sands of Time.

    Some other feedback:

    As pointed out by u/dededenny "In addition they should improve the ambient lightening/shadows, which were absent in some of the scenes."

    As pointed out by u/throwawayseatbelt2 "i'd add in to restore the original dagger of time look, too."

    EDIT: I personally think these changes are quite good, since it makes him look more realistic and alive (by Rodney @ theGameWorld):


    (Found this image because of the recent post made by u/NayamAmarshe)
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    Hello DownToDawn,

    thank you very much for expressing your thoughts in such elaborate way, thank you very much for your feedback!

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    I'd like to add, this is a great post and I agree with most of it.

    The environments/lighting etc seem fine, just PLEASE work on the character/enemy models. The hard part is already done (motion capture, etc), but just fix the models.

    Could you imagine how many people would buy this game if it had Assassin's Creed style realistic graphics for the characters??
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    You made a great post man. I'm really proud.

    Take reference from older games. It can be all good in the end.
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