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    [10/12/2020] New update and changelog

    Hello everyone,

    After 38 editions of the Cup of the day and 24 different winners, we hope that you all enjoyed playing this new feature!
    It's truly a pleasure to see so much commitment from the players every day at 7 PM. We are now confident enough to move the Cup of the Day out of its BETA state in order to focus on the matchmaking. If you find any bug, do not hesitate to post it in the official forums.
    Alongside that change, we're also pushing an update with the following changes:


    + Fixed an issue with the wall hit penalty


    + Updated classic warm-up UI
    + Added a warm-up timeout setting in-game modes
    + You can now join a room as a spectator
    + Added the possibility to protect club rooms with a password. The password will be displayed on the club room pop up only visible by club administrators and is composed of 6 characters. Admin can generate a new password if needed. You cannot remove the password of a room, if you wish to do so, you will need to delete and recreate the room. You can still edit all other parameters (map list, name, etc).
    + Added the team of players in the score callback xmlrpc


    + Fixed the background-size in live ranking UI of rounds
    + We now display a global ranking echelon in your profile
    + We now display a first version of the arcade program. You can now check when your favorite program is live!
    + Your choice between list or grid view is now kept
    + We now display a history of the earned trophies in the profile. You can click on a trophy type to display the list of past trophy gains. Some information might be still missing, we will improve the system later on.
    + Fixed UI bugs in event pages
    + Fixed paging of "My Clubs" listing and add animation
    + We now display the clubs as a list
    + Fixed sound issues in the menus


    + In the Cup of the Day Time Attack seeding phase, you now earn trophies according to your placement
    + We now display your seeding rank and trophy earned in TA at the end of the Cup of the Day seeding phase
    + We now display your match number in Cup of the Day live ranking UI
    + When spectating in Cup of the Day, you can still see your race result
    + Diverse UI fixes for Cup of the Day
    + Added a sound in KO when the player is in the red zone for the first time


    + Added colorizable materials in mesh modeler
    + Fixed auto-rotate for items
    + Fixed WebM on panel * Fix SM UI appearing when launching the game from the OS
    + Sound/Image selection is fixed in the MediaTracker
    + MediaTracker 2D/3D Triangles can now be copied & duplicated

    *A new exe is now available for your dedicated servers: http://files.v04.maniaplanet.com/ser...ver_Latest.zip

    Thanks and see you on track!
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    Thanks for the changelog! There is also one here for the dedicated server.

    I was not able to find out what this is refering to though:

    It also includes support for a new script api to control the gameplay modifiers (similar to the special blocs).
    If that's in, I don't think it's in the API documentation (XmlRpc.GetDocumentation). I can only spot the change to the Trackmania.Scores callback.

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    Its more about this:

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    Ah, I misunderstood then! Thank you!

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    Is it possible the mesh modeler has been optimized too?
    My map went from the 2 MB limit to 1.7 MB somehow.