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    Remake* not another casually remaster the point of this post is to give the Ezio trilogy a built from the ground up remake with a new engine and improved mechanics that are like unity and Syndicate the trilogy really hasn't aged well at all.
    I don't see why you say it hasn't aged well. I would say this about AC1 for sure because it's so repetitive, but I don't think Ezio's trilogy feels this way at all. I still have fun replaying it every time. It's not perfect and not as fluid as the most recent games, but it's still more than enough for me.
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    But it could benefit from extra additions like Hood toggle and Unity animations in parkour and fixed stealth for Ac2 I enjoy Ezios trilogy to this day but I feel alot was missing that could potentially make it the ultimate Ac experience and the three games would be even better with up to date visuals and recent mechanics like Unity
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