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    What's Happened to the Regular Live Events ??

    @RedLynx & UbiSoft Devs,

    As the title says.....Can we get some info about this please, we used to have Regular Live Events that would run around the various holidays throughout the year but we haven't had one for AGES now.....How come ??

    Are we going to have a Halloween Event around the end of this month and the other Big One we always have as well.....The Christmas Event.....Will we be having one as usual this year ??

    I'm asking as things have been VERY Quiet on the Frontier for a while now, there's soo much potential with this game and there's been a lot of great suggestions made (which can be found here on the forum) but none of them have ever been taken on-board and made for us, in any shape or form !?!?

    Would be great to get some more End-Game Content for us Veteran Players who have completed and collected everything, some Hill Climbing Levels or A Skill Games section like in Trials Rising (there's quite a few different games there) you could add some great content for us with inspiration from Rising, you could add some New Hidden Areas (which need to be opened with hidden buttons etc.) throughout the Many Frontier Tracks with Collectibles for us to hunt down and find Etc. Etc.....All of which would benefit ALL Riders of ANY Level !!

    Can we get some feedback and info about all of this please guys, you've got a decent amount of regular players/followers of this game that love the whole franchise as well as having paid a lot of good money into the game to help keep it alive along with putting a lot of time and effort into the game, personally I've been playing (logging-on almost everyday) for just over 5yrs now and I know there's a lot of other players out there that have been playing longer and are more dedicated than me !!

    Basically, we'd ALL would like to know what's happening.....Please guys, don't just leave us in the dark !?!?

    !! Thanks in Advance !!
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    I support this!
    Game has been mostly dead for about a year now, with the occasional pre-programmed broken midnight circuit.
    Let's put some new sparkplugs in, change the oil and RIDE!
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    The only thing that has been keeping this game alive is us.
    Everything else is dead for a long time.
    What a shame. This game might deserve more attention from its creators and developers.
    Now this is just a money-sucker, pretending "it is still OK and is working well"...
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