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    Ubisoft I beg you, please fix the sound issues in Far Cry 3 Classic edition on PS4

    Why in 2020 and we still have problems with the PlayStation 4 version of Far Cry 3! This is a first person shooter where the guns sound bad. Why hasn't this bug been fixed yet? It's frustrating ... I just want to be able to play Far Cry 3 on my PS4 like I played on Xbox 360.
    See how all the weapons seem to have the same rate of fire, and the original sound of these weapons was completely different on last generation consoles and on the PC

    I hope that Ubisoft can solve this problem.
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    I literally just bought the Far Cry pack not to long ago SPECIFICALLY to play Far Cry 3 and this is the **** I get. Seriously Ubisoft, get your **** together and fix this, its not rocket appliances.
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