Welcome to the PTS!

We’re glad to see that you are participating in the Public Test Server for the upcoming Title Update 11. The PTS is a developer build meaning that some things you encounter will be a work in progress, bugs might be present and balance changes might not be final. We want you to be a part of the journey to make TU11 the best it can be, and we highly encourage you to leave your feedback and bug reports on the dedicated PTS forums.

For the first PTS phase, we’d like feedback on these topics in particular:
  • The Summit – New PvE Game Mode
  • Appearance Mods – New Transmogrification Mechanic
  • New Weapons & Gear
  • New Skill Variant – Shrapnel Trap
  • General Game Balance (PvE & PvP)

If you have thoughts on other aspects of the game, don’t hesitate to let us know!

The following content will be disabled during the TU11 PTS and is not accessible to participants.
  • Season 3

New PvE Game Mode: The Summit

Title Update 11 introduces the new PvE game mode The Summit for free to all owners of the Warlords of New York expansion. The Summit brings agents to a skyscraper occupied by hostile factions, and as you progress towards the top the difficulty gradually will increase, and you will start seeing more ruthless enemies standing in your way. The Summit is designed to be highly replayable and also meant to offer a challenge to everybody, from our most dedicated agents to our newer agents. Floors will be different each time you fight your way through the building, as floors are randomly selected from a number of preset designs and gets populated by random AI spawns.

Progression throughout the floors is saved at specific rally points, and players can leave and jump back in where they left off without losing their progress. The total time to reach floor 100, and thus unlock all the difficulties, can vary greatly depending on the players skills and equipment as well as their team configuration
  • Highly replayable PvE game mode
  • 100 floors to fight your way through
  • Checkpoint system
  • Unique rewards

New Feature: Appearance Mods

Appearance Mods (aka Transmog) will become available to you in Title Update 11, allowing for much greater customization of your Agent’s visual look. You will save the appearance of all obtained gear following the release of Title Update 11, allowing you to override your gear’s look with the gear of your choosing.
  • All gear is supported by Appearance Mods.
  • Weapons and Exotics are excluded.
  • Note: When logging in to TU11, you will need to log in to each of your characters to unlock the looks of all owned gear.
    • This only needs to be done once and you do not need to save the gear to keep their looks available moving forward.

New Exotics

MPX Submachine Gun: Backfire
  • Dealing damage to enemies adds a stack of +1% critical hit damage, up to 200 stacks, lasting 10s.
  • On reload, apply a 10s bleed to yourself, which deals 0.5% armor damage per stack.

Backpack: Memento
  • Enemies you kill drop a trophy on death. Collecting trophies provides both a short- and long-term buff, the first of which scales with the number of core attributes equipped and lasts 10s.
    • +5% weapon damage per red core
    • +20% bonus armor per blue core
    • +5% skill efficiency per yellow core
  • For every trophy collected, gain an additional +1% weapon damage, +1% skill efficiency, and +0.1% armor regeneration for 300s. Maximum 30 stacks.

Chest: Ridgeway's Pride
  • Shooting enemies within 10m applies bleed to the target.
  • Repair 1-25% of your armor per second for every enemy that is bleeding within 10m.
    • 1 enemy: 1%
    • 2 enemies: 4%
    • 3 enemies: 9%
    • 4 enemies: 16%
    • 5 enemies: 25%

New Gear Set

Hunter’s Fury
An offensive gear set specializing in aggressive close combat.
Core: Weapon Damage (Red)
Set bonuses:
  • 2+ Pieces
    • +15% SMG Damage
    • +15% Shotgun Damage
  • 3+ Pieces
    • +20% Armor on Kill
    • +100% Health on Kill
  • 4+ Pieces
    • Apex Predator: Enemies within 15m receive a debuff, increasing your weapon damage against them by +20%. Killing a debuffed enemy with your weapon disorients other enemies within 5m, and amplifies weapon damage by 5% for 10s, stacking up to 5 times.
  • Chest
    • Endless Hunger: Increases the duration of Apex Predator stacks from 10s to 30s.
  • Backpack
    • Overwhelming Force: Increases the radius of disorient on Apex Predator kills from 5m to 10m.

New Skill Variant

Shrapnel Trap
  • The Shrapnel Trap scatters a minefield of small explosive devices that can attach to any surface (including enemies) and then detonate based on enemy proximity.
  • Note: This skill will become unlockable in-game when the Prime Target of Season 3 becomes available but is available on the PTS for feedback and testing purposes.

New Named Items

SIX12 Shotgun: The Mop
  • +5% Armor on Kill

KARD-45 Pistol: TDI "Kard" Custom
  • +1 Skill Tier when used

Belstone Armory Chest: Everyday Carrier
  • Perfectly Efficient: Using an armor kit has a 75% chance to not consume the armor kit. Specialization armor kit bonuses are increased by 100%.

Belstone Armory Backpack: Liquid Engineer
  • Perfect Bloodsucker: Killing an enemy adds and refreshes a stack of +12% bonus armor for 10s. Max stack is 10

New Gear Brand

Belstone Armory
A defensive brand set primarily focused on self-sustain and efficient repairs.
Core: Armor (Blue)
Set bonuses:
  1. +1% Armor Regen
  2. +10% Armor on Kill
  3. +20% Incoming Repairs

New Weapons

Shotgun: SIX12
  • A compact, 6-round, cylinder-fed shotgun, optimal for close-quarters urban combat.

Pistol: KARD-45
  • Prototype semi-automatic pistol, chambered in .45 ACP, utilizing the same technology as the Vector, but in a much smaller package.

New Attribute: Skill Efficiency

Similar to Weapon Handling, Skill Efficiency is a new attribute that modifies multiple skill-focused attribute bonuses at the same time.
+1% Skill Efficiency is equal to:
  • +1% Skill Damage
  • +1% Skill Haste
  • +1% Skill Duration
  • +1% Skill Health
  • +1% Repair Skills
  • +1% Status Effects

Developer comment: Skill Efficiency is currently only available on the new "Memento" exotic backpack.

Gameplay Changes

  • Mod slots on backpacks, chests, and masks are now generic, and no longer associated with a specific offensive, defensive, or utility mod type.
  • Mod slots on gear are no longer able to be recalibrated.
    • Note: Any existing gear that has had its mod slot recalibrated prior to TU11 will have that recalibration automatically refunded, allowing a new attribute or talent to be recalibrated instead.

Developer comment: Any type of mod (red/blue/yellow) can now be placed in any mod slot, regardless of previous brand/set or exotic gear color association. Ex: You can now place a defensive or utility gear mod into an Airaldi backpack, without needing to recalibrate the mod slot from red to blue/yellow.
  • Defensive gear mods can now drop with disorient and ensnare resistances.
  • Increased the maximum status effect resistance value of all defensive gear mods from +10% to +20%.

Developer comment: Any existing status effect resistance mods will have their values automatically doubled. Ex: A defensive mod with +8% bleed resistance will become +16% after TU11, +10% becomes +20%, etc.

  • Rainbow loot
    • Introduced weighing to gear attributes to reduce the amount of rainbow loot
      • The first non-core attribute has a higher chance to be of the same color as the core attribute
    • Added all new Season 3 weapons and gear to the general loot pool.
    • Added the new Season 3 brand to targeted loot rotation.

Season 2 Content
  • Updated Legacy Season cache to include weapons, gear set and named items from Season 2
  • Added Season 2 blueprints to general blueprint loot pool
  • Removed Season 2 level requirements from season 2 Exotics from all sources
  • Mantis and Vile can now be acquired from general Exotic sources (e.g. targeted loot, Exotic Caches) without any conditions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Recalibration Library where the Pistol Damage attribute lowered from 15% to 14% following a maintenance
  • Fixed an issue causing the Headhunter talents duration to refresh when swapping weapons
  • Fixed the White House Operation Iron Horse World’s First portraits not displaying correctly on Xbox
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the bonus armor from the Galvanize talent to apply to rogue agents
  • Fixed a ladder that couldn’t be interacted with near the Widow’s Web control point
  • Fixed a ladder that couldn’t be interacted with near The Gate
  • Fixed Deflector Shield not triggering some Skill Talents
  • Fixed issues with the Feedback Loop talent sometimes not applying when equipped and something remaining active when unequipped
  • Fixed In Sync talent activating when killing wildlife
  • Fixed the Polycarbonate cost for crafting SMG’s being three times higher than intended
  • Fixed jammers blocking rogue agents from using skills
  • Fixed the game menu overlapping with the mega map when the player is in a downed state
  • Fixed Global Event and League menus becoming offset when in the menu and taking a melee attack from a NPC
  • Fixed UI inconsistencies with the flamethrower’s indicated damage and actual damage
  • Fixed an issue causing the icon for Makeshift Repairs to not appear under the health bar
  • Fixed an issue causing league missions scale with global difficulty and not the selected difficulty
  • Fixed the Riot Foam Chem launcher not applying ensnare on the final boss of District Union Arena under certain conditions
  • Fixed the Guardians Global Event task “Eliminate hostiles with the Guardian buff” not counting for group members
  • Fixed the Guardians Global Event task “Eliminate veterans with the Guardian buff” to correctly show 50 enemies
  • Fixed an issue where agents would clip through the Base of Operations helicopter pilot NPC
  • Fixed an issue causing Rogue Agents to spawn during League time trials
  • Fixed an issue causing new characters created during the Double XP manhunt event only to gain the boost for the first 14 levels, instead of 15
  • Fixed an issue causing the character to equip a grenade when inspecting a specialization weapon and moving the left analog stick left to right
  • Fixed the Mantis scope incorrectly highlighting enemies
  • Fixed the Shock Trap affecting players when an enemy trigger it in their vicinity
  • Fixed the Mantis attributes being extractable at the recalibration station
  • Fixed agents not respawning in a safe area after changing Global Difficulty in coop
  • Fixed the molten metal puddles not being visible in Operation Iron horse after a player fast travels out of the raid and back
  • Fixed the PC chat not being visible or useable when in a downed or dead state
  • Fixed the Signal Flare emote not removing the flares after the player interrupts the emote
  • Fixed Conflict XP sometimes not being added to the overall PvP XP in the end of match screen
  • Fixed the name and health bar being placed too high above the decoy in PvP
  • Fixed the Hostile Negotiation’s four-piece talent dealing less damage than indicated to other agents
  • Fixed an issue where being affected by the Full Flag debuff and your skills being destroyed would cause an explosion inflicting damage to nearby players
  • Fixed the Spotter talent incorrectly doubling damage when used in conjunction with skills
  • Fixed ISAC not alerting players when encountering hostile NPC’s with shields
  • Fixed the Double XP levels available not decreasing when gaining a new Season level
  • Fixed a location in the Operation Iron Horse raid where players could go out of bounds
  • Fixed an issue in the Operation Iron Horse raid where the sewers objective could be started without all agents gathering up, causing an objective reset
  • Fixed an issue causing several dyes not being applied to the Striker Gear Set
  • Fixed the Skill Duration attribute not increasing the duration of the Burn Sticky Bomb
  • Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to fast travel to the Dark Zones from New York
  • Fixed Keener’s remaining immune to bullets after his drone self-destructs
  • Fixed an issue causing the “Premium Access” and “Discover Pass” screens overlapping after switching between them
  • Fixed the Crossbow signature weapon incorrectly triggering ammo bonuses
  • Fixed the Liberty exotic to not trigger from ricochets