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    Originally Posted by TOKYO_ROGUE_YT Go to original post
    All rewards are at Rewards Claim Vendor... at RESOURCE and not REDEEM. Scroll down till you see em'.

    Thank you for sharing this!
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    Originally Posted by UbiT00n Go to original post
    Hey Agents,

    We are aware of some funk going on with the rewards currently and our teams are investigating. Could I please grab your User ID and platform so I can add you to our ongoing reports please?
    You can send this through my dm if you are more comfortable to share this way

    Thank you all
    same issue
    Uplay ID: Vista1441
    Platform: PC
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    Ubi connect says all club rewards available. 2020

    i dont see it under rewards claim vendor.. need help pls..
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    I hope I am not late. Launcher says I need only redeem/claim it to the vendor but apparently, it's empty.

    Redeem and Resource tab from the Vendor is empty.

    Uplay ID: O1159
    Platform: PC
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    Nickname Rucksichtslos

    Help me
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    Same Issue here.
    My previous Items are still there, but everything else that Ubisoft gave away for free is not at the Reward Vendor.

    I tried verifacation of the game date and a new fresh install. Nothing works so far.

    I tried Ubisoft Support Site but couldn´t log in or start a Ticket for the whole day.


    ID: VanSven
    Platform: PC
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    Nickname Rucksichtslos

    Help me, things are not displayed at the Keeper of awards that Ubisoft gave away for free, thank you in advance; ID - Rucksichtslos; Platform-PC
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    Same here Ubisoft Club Rewards Not Showing In Game at the Rewards Vendor.

    ID: EinertAlbstein
    Platform: PC
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    same situation
    ID: kingh_Balin
    Platform: PC
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    Same trouble! Thanks for helping!

    ID: Dark_Bronze
    Platform: PC
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