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    Price of Acorns too high !!

    By lowering the price of Acorns, you greedy people at Ubisoft / Red Lynx would make more money !

    look at these statistics:

    You would earn 200-500% more money by lowering the price to 5$ (for 300 acorns) instead of unrealistically high at 35€
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    That or, I'd even be happier with lowering the acorn costs of items by about 65-75% (and for the bikes I'm talking about on top of the "discounts" that are always already there).

    I see lots of things like animations, gear kit's and other customizations that I think "Wow, I'd really love to have that", but when I see the acorn costs and how many acorns I've got left... I find the cost no where even close to what I'd be willing to let go of and can't see shelling out the amount of money it would cost to buy enough to get the things I'd like.

    I agree they would make more money by lowering the cost.
    If 100 people spend $5, it's better than 20 people spending $20. And the best part is, you have 80% more happy customers. Happy customers = future sales.
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    I spent a whole day collecting every acorn in the game and once I collected the last one all of them disappeared. I can't re-collect them they are gone and this put me off ever buying any acorns or even caring about what you can get with them, I actually wanted them so I could purchase the new tracks but unfortunately I've never had the pleasure to try them, I'm not spending my own money on them when I should have had the option to use my collected acorns for them and as a result I stopped trying to improve my rank seeing as I couldn't play a bunch of in game tracks that would aid towards my rank. Shame I was really competitive up until then.
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    Yea, that seems like an odd issue, but I know there have been similar problems with acorns in the past.
    Hope it gets resolved for you.
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    I managed to use all in game acorns plus big pack (30$ I think it was) and still don't have hardly anything.
    Was able to get all dlc track packs bikes and only a few cosmetics with the purchase.
    Personally thought that was too high priced not to unlock everything to be able to get the rest using Trials Coins or something other than having to purchase more dang acorns just to look cool !
    The Squirrels are after your Nuts - Lol 😆
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    I'm personally not fond of any of the "Sneaky Tactics" game companies use to milk more money out of players. (and there are a bunch of them)

    Have buying acorns as an option, but offer loyal players of the game new ways from time to time to earn more acorns in the game (by playing it).
    Happy, loyal players are the best promoters of a game. Reward them for continuing to play.
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