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    Cross Progression do not work for me

    I been trying to have the corsair skin and the crowncast skin, it says I have it but when I start the game on my ps4 nothing is there, it looks like I have a pc acc and a ps4 acc in the same Ubisoft acc but no form to connect them
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    cross progression

    this happen to me too, I been trying but I don't know, i have things on PC and I try to see if I have it on PS4 and nothing pops up it looks like i have 2 accs in the same ubisoft
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    Hello there Own...! Welcome to the forums!

    I've moved both of your posts together for clarity's sake. In future, could you please just post in one thread if it is about the same issue, as this prevents cluttering. Thank you!

    From what I understand, your PS4 account has not successfully linked to your Ubisoft account. Is this correct?

    I've checked your Ubisoft account and there doesn't appear to be a PS4 account linked. Could you let me know your PSN account ID? Do you have any other Ubisoft accounts that it may be linked to instead?
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