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    Developer Update: Feedback, Please!

    Happy Monday, New Kids! I’m your friend Toller, and it’s time for a brand new Developer Update!

    Here is the Weekly Timetable


    Monday and Tuesday will start us off on a spooky note as we enjoy a Sorceress Liane themed Mission Event. On Wednesday you’ll be able to take part in our weekly Token Event, as well as our Chaos Mode for this week which is the Ultra Speed Crew mode! This mode means that all Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, and Stan cards will have their speed increased!

    Finally we’ll wrap this week up with our Friday, Saturday and Sunday event which will feature Witch Garrison!

    His event will focus on the following cards:

    • Witch Garrison
    • Grand Wizard Cartman
    • Dark Mage Craig
    • **** Magic
    • Sorceress Liane
    • Princess Kenny
    • Dragonslayer Red
    • Frontier Bradley
    • Dogpoo
    • Jesus
    • Poison
    • Doctor Timothy

    I also have all of the point totals available for this week’s events:

    Mission Event Point Totals:

    Token Event Point Totals:

    Edit: These have been changed and have been lowered to where they were before:

    Weekend Event Point Totals:

    The weekend has given us all time to experience the new changes we’ve made to Phone Destroyer and I hope everyone is enjoying themselves. Now that the dust has begun to settle, The team and I are looking for your feedback!

    We’re also investigating some of the bugs you’ve been reporting, especially the ones having to do with the new ad integration. If you’ve experienced any crashing problems or if you’ve watched ads without receiving the intended reward, please let us know. If you can let me know your in-game name with your report, that will make it easier for the team to check your data and get to the bottom of these issues. If you can also recall what the ad you were watching was, that would also be great information for us!

    Also, if you were one of the players who was having difficulty connecting to PvP matches, either over data OR Wifi, please let me know if you are still unable to connect. We are hopeful that the update solved this issue and we’d like to make sure that’s correct.

    We are already aware of the Free Pack bug, which is when the timer in Cartman’s shop doesn’t line up correctly until you move to a different screen.

    And speaking of Free Packs..


    There was an unintended change made to the contents of Free Packs. We did not intend to nerf them and we apologize for the confusion. We have since fixed the issue and have sent out a gift to make up for the inconvenience, so please check your game for that if you haven’t already opened yours today.

    If you haven’t yet joined our official South Park: Phone Destroyer Discord Server, come on over! It's the best place for all South Park: Phone Destroyer discussions! To join, just click HERE


    The end of another season will happen next Tuesday and with it will come some changes! Yes, there will be balance changes, but we’re not quite ready with the final details to share them right now. We will feature them in our Dev Update next week!

    What I can tell you now is which cards will be added into full circulation next week! These cards will be able to be found in Cartman's Shop, Butter's Shop, PvP and campaign lockers, and PvP and Free Packs, as well as in the Daily Deals too:

    • General Disarray
    • City Wok Guy
    • Space Pilot Bradley
    • Dark Angel Red
    • Chaos Hamsters
    • Thunderbird

    We’ve also made changes to which Arenas will unlocked these cards:

    General Dissaray can be unlocked in Arena 5.
    City Wok Guy can be unlocked in Arena 4.
    Space Pilot Bradley can be unlocked in Arena 9.
    Dark Angel Red can be collected in Arena 10
    Chaos Hamsters can be unlocked in Arena 3.

    We’re also changing up the Arenas for some other cards as well:

    Elven King Bradley will be unlocked in Arena 9.
    Friar Jimmy will be unlocked in Arena 4.
    Hercules Clyde will be unlocked in Arena 5.
    Scout Ike will be unlocked in Arena 4.
    Choirboy Butters will be unlocked in Arena 3.
    Captain Diabetes will be unlocked in Arena 2.
    Professor Chaos will be unlocked in Arena 7.
    Robo Bebe will be unlocked in Arena 3.
    Ice Sniper Wendy will be unlocked in Arena 2.
    Stan of Many Moons will be unlocked in Arena 1.
    Sixth Element Randy will be unlocked in Arena 2.
    Witch Doctor Token will be unlocked in Arena 3.
    Call Girl will be unlocked in Arena 2.
    Grand Wizard Cartman will be unlocked in Arena 7.

    And that’s all for this week! Please share your feedback with us about the 4.8.0 Update, we’re very interested to read your thoughts!

    Destroy those phone and have fun, y’all!
    Hearts and Hugs,
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    With the release of cards every other week and the new ad revenue, any investment in your infrastructure to bring the game fully server-side?
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    Might want to check the card list for the weekend, that's last week's list of cards and doesn't contain witch garrison
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    The event cards are the same as last weekend's event cards.
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    Originally Posted by fanaticexpert Go to original post
    With the release of cards every other week and the new ad revenue, any investment in your infrastructure to bring the game fully server-side?
    Don't be silly, serverside ain't happening ever. A lie told to us by buck to keep us quiet and pushed under the rug ever since
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    Did you just copy pasta the event cards and didn't even proofread it?
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    take back Cartman's old store !!
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    @Toller you want feedback on 4.8 how about you actually proofread your dev updates and not just copy paste the card events from last week.
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    I didn’t have any problems with the ads this weekend but as of todays event the Ad for the 4th locker isn’t opening the 4th locker but it gives me the option to watch again..which I did and it didn’t open the locker after the second viewing. I thought it was a glitch so I just skipped it. After the next win I tried the option again and again I wasn’t awarded the 4th locker
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    Was there any reason the coins were nerfed again for the weekend just gone event even though the final points totals were higher?
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