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    The same problem

    I have the same problem with my App. Im using an Android phone.
    The level stays black and cant go back or forward. Im stuck in that level.
    Please do something about.
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    Hi guest-lZjQphNO,

    Unfortunately we're only able to assist in English through the forums here.

    If you can provide a translation of this message we can take a look into that for you, or alternatively you may receive assistance from another player or speak with our language specific support through the site here

    Thank you
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    Same problem, level not loading correctly

    I've been having the same problem. Have some pictures if it helps solve the issue. Adventure 125 level 1 in wild wild east.
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    Ubi-Spud's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Sorry to hear this is happening to you guys as well. Have you tried the troubleshooting that we linked previously?
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    Yes but nothing changed
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    El mismo problema

    I have the same problem. Has someone been able to solve it?
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    Are you able to get in touch with us via the support site? https://support.ubi.com

    We have a dedicated mobile team who will be able to help you
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    The first level in adventure 43 doesn't load. Gives a black screen and tells me to find the trapped teensies but I can not do anything as it gives me a black screen. Please assist as I can not continue the game. I have performed the appropriate troubleshooting and still nothing.
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    Black screen issue

    Hello, I have trouble to move on with game. Adventure 30 1st level on Wild West map. Black screen appears with "Find all tenesees".
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    Hey there guys! Welcome to the forums!

    Princess2293 - Could you please open a support case, and our dedicated mobile team will be able to help you.

    AlinaO3110 - Have you been able to try the troubleshooting steps suggested by my colleague Woofer? If so, please could you also open a support case?

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