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    Bugs and Suggestions

    I already tweeted these to @UbisoftSupport but I'm posting here as well (along with a few extras) to increase the likelihood that you'll see them...

    1. The new "right-click camera" feature does not play nice with the screen edges. Holding right-click to pan the camera and moving the mouse to the edge of the screen results in some very janky scrolling.
    2. Naming a save game incurs significant input lag.
    3. Rare visual artefacts at island edges.
    4. Some UI elements are positioned strangely. For example, the population count was always snapped to the top-right corner in the old game, but now it floats randomly in the middle of the screen. Similarly, the notification icons used to appear in the bottom-left, but now they are randomly in the middle of the notification bar.

    I would also strongly agree with some of the other suggestions that have been mentioned on this forum, listed here along with a few of my own:

    1. Allow more than 3 levels of zoom. I understand that there are 3 image sizes and the current functionality maintains a pixel-perfect display of each of these images, but personally I think it would be a lot more beneficial to have a smooth zoom rather than fixed intervals, and allow some pixel-stretching. On a high resolution, even the maximum zoom level renders things quite small; it would be nice to be able to zoom in even closer.
    2. It would be nice if zooming with the mouse wheel zoomed towards / away from the cursor instead of zooming towards the centre of the screen.
    3. Smooth edge scrolling rather than the clunky interval-based scrolling used currently.
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    UBI-Froggard's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff EMEA
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    Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. I can forward these on the game team. Regarding any in-game issues you are having, please can you provide any video footage or screenshots that show them so we can forward those along with your descriptions to show the issues?
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    Hi Froggard, thanks for your response.

    I have included all of these bugs and suggestions in a video, which you can find here:

    Please note that one of the bugs mentioned - the visual garbage on the coastline - is also present in the original game, so it is not a bug with the History Edition.
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    I found another bug today: in borderless fullscreen mode, screen scrolling using the screen edges is completely broken. It only works in fullscreen mode.

    I got in touch with Ubisoft support on Twitter, apparently the developers are aware of this thread but since I posted this almost a year ago it doesn't look like anything is going to be done.

    It seems to me like this was just a token re-release with minimal effort put into it. Almost all of the new functionality is buggy or downright unusable. It's such a shame as Anno 1602 is such a fantastic game. A remastered version is literally a dream come true for me but this just doesn't cut it.
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    Another bug: when you click on the new music track ("History Suite") in the list to play it, it actually plays the main theme ("ANNO1602 Theme") instead.
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    Another bug: when the new music track ("History Suite") is disabled, it still plays. This happened for me after I restarted the game.
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