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    Anno 1404 Golden Eddition or Anno 1404 Historic Edition?

    I already own a cd version that I bought from a local shop back in 2010. Installed it a week ago and it works great. I was wondering is there any real benefit for me to buy the historical edition? Would I get anything new?
    I mean it does say in the description that its more optimized for modern day PC. But my CD version already works and looks perfect so..my question stands.

    Side note: Even after 12 years Anno 1404 is still a top class city building game. Its really a masterpiece
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    History Edition resolved that ubiquitous memory bug that caused the game to crash for most of us after an hour or less of gameplay, as it can use more RAM to run large empires. Other than that, about the only benefit is the ability to click and drag to build multiple houses like in the newer games. If you are somehow not getting those "Out of Memory" messages and crashes, there isn't as much benefit from buying the History Edition
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