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    A real military shooter

    So I played call of duty modern warfare 2 remastered last night and while I mock the arcady feel of general call of duty games, MW2 felt so a much more realistic gritty shooter than breakpoint.

    It actually made me and my mate laugh how much more ‘real’ it looked and felt.

    They are still arcady but I had more fun last night and and it felt more immersive and way more fun than playing breakpoint.

    I played for about 3 hours and didn’t even encounter a bug!!!!
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    I hardly ever notice bugs in games. Because I've noticed how prevalent bugs are in breakpoint I know there is a huge amount of them. I hope they get them corrected soon. It almost makes me not want to play anymore. And I've been playing since the initial Ghost Recon was released... I do expect a more polished product from Ubisoft. Other than that it has been a fun game over all.
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