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    Developer Update: 4.8.0 is on the way

    Hello to all you New Kids out there! It’s me, your friend Toller, and boy do I have a lot of news to share today! We’ve got not just the usual event news, but update notes AND a new card to announce! Let’s get into it!

    Here is the Weekly Timetable


    Monday and Tuesday will start things off with a Swashbuckler Red themed Mission Event. On Wednesday you’ll be able to take part in our weekly Token Event, as well as a magical Chaos Mode! This week all Witches and healers will cost one less energy point than usual and deal double damage!

    That brings us to the weekend event, and as you can see in our Timetable, we’ve got a brand new Bradley for you!

    Meet Frontier Bradley! As you can see, he’s going to pack quite a punch when it comes to boosting your favourite fighter cards! Frontier Bradley will change Fighter attacks so that they will create an area of damage around the target unit. Think of Nathan's bomb as an example of this damage AOE. This effect doesn't apply to units that already have an Area Attack (like Nelly), but they will still receive the attack boost.

    We can’t wait for you all to try him out and let us know what kind of combos you create with him.

    In this introductory event, the following cards will be used:

    • Frontier Bradley
    • Swordsman Garrison
    • Swashbuckler Red
    • Sorceress Liane
    • Rogue Token
    • Pigeon Gang
    • Mr. Mackey
    • Witch Doctor Token
    • Sexy Nun Randy
    • Program Stan
    • Sizzler Stuart
    • Captain Diabetes
    • Fastpass

    I also have all of the point totals available for this week’s events, now in the form of images! We’ve had reports that the formatting of these wasn’t working on various devices, so let’s try something new! Let me know how it works for you, ok?

    Mission Event Point Totals:

    Token Event Point Totals:

    EDIT: Please note that I made a mistake with the original chart for the Weekend Event Points. My apologies, I've corrected it now!

    Weekend Event Point Totals:

    This update isn’t going live today, but it will be going out on Thursday. We’ve got some big changes this time around, so let’s begin at the beginning, shall we?

    That’s right, the shop is getting an overhaul! Once the update goes live, this is what the front of Cartman’s shop will look like:

    The tabs off to the side will take you through each section of the shop. As you can see, I have an exclamation mark on the one for packs, so let’s see why that’s there.

    As you can see, it’s because I have a free pack to open. Thanks for letting me know, Cartman!
    Clicking on the Cartman coin will bring you back to the shop front, or you can click on the stack of Cartman cash to bring you here:

    This is where you can pick up not just your Cash and Coins, but also your special purchase option for the day as well!

    Now, I know what you’re thinking, but don’t panic! Yes, we are adding some Ads into Phone Destroyer, but they will not be ones you are forced to watch. These will be added to the game on a voluntary basis. You will have to watch them ONLY if you want to watch them. If you don’t want to, you’ll never have to, but I think you’ll want to when you see the rewards that will be waiting:

    You’ll be able to use each of these different ad options up to five times per day. These ads will take place after your PvP battle is over:

    If you WON your match: You’ll be given the chance to watch an ad and have one extra broken phone added to to your phone count. This broken phone works just the same as any other; It will count for both your free PvP pack totals and for your Battle Pass totals!

    If you LOST your match, or had a DRAW: You’ll be given the chance to watch an ad so that you can still go to the locker screen, just as if you had won.

    The locker screen itself will also have an option to watch an ad in order to open one extra locker! Please note that you won’t be able to use this multiple times per locker screen.

    This is a big one! After reviewing your feedback we’ve decided to go ahead and change up how Matches are made in Chaos mode. We’re doing away with the ELO-based system and returning to the way matches used to be made, but with a few tweaks. It will now be win-based as it was before, but it will only look at your most recent matches and not years and years worth of data like it did previously.

    We’ll also be able to make further changes to this style of matchmaking much more easily than the ELO-based version, so all in all, we’re very happy with this and we hope you are too!

    Dark Angel Red- Cards sacrificed will now respawn at the same level as it was when sacrificed. No more random level 2 cards!
    Chaos Hamsters and Tupperware- Super Fart will no longer cause damage to these characters.Chaos Hamsters have also received a tweak to their information text.
    Dwarf King Clyde- After taking his first hit, he will no longer be able to reactivate his ability.

    If you haven’t yet joined our official South Park: Phone Destroyer Discord Server, come on over! It's the best place for all South Park: Phone Destroyer discussions! To join, just click HERE


    Please be aware that tomorrow, Tuesday, will have roughly an hour and half of maintenance starting at 8:00am UTC. There will be a gift waiting for all players at the end of it!


    Last, but not least, we have the newest Battle Pass coming out this week! It will start on the 21st and run until September 18th. Of course, our newest card will be featured in it, as well as an adorable little Frontier-themed outfit as well:

    There you are! 4.8.0 is going to have a LOT of new features and we are very excited to hear your thoughts about them! Please let us know your feedback.

    Have a wonderful week, everyone!
    Hearts and Hugs,
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    Error 200 when?
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    Something good finnaly

    For once im excited about a developer update, those changes help a lot on the quality of gameplay and help to get less frustrated about the game as it is, but please at the end of the season add a nerf to Dar, this card made the game so much worst.
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    Wait let me get this right? The ALOT of new features is basically one feature and an aesthetic change and a matchmaking change to a feature that was broken?

    And the massive feature, although I like the principle of it is you've put ads in the game

    Or is there still more to come out?
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    When will Thunderbird be fully released? I still don't have it and would like it on one of my accounts.
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    Originally Posted by SingingFly Go to original post
    When will Thunderbird be fully released? I still don't have it and would like it on one of my accounts.

    I want to say it's been out for a while, but I could be mistaken. I've gotten it from pvp packs, team wars packs, and free packs!
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    Wanna feedback? Here you go.
    Another OP Bradley card. Seriously, you need to stop adding OP cards for 3 energy. Space Pilot, Dark Angel and now this?

    Call Girl needs a big stats buff, Shaman Token, Captain Wendy and more of them need buff as well. And what's the biggest problem, is Terrance and Philip. They should be nerfed, because for 4 energy they're too much OP.

    Speaking about Chaos mode matchmaking, do something with normal matchmaking as well, please.
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    no balance changes, just a bug fix to basically help those using MC + new red,which is basically trashplay and needs fixing.

    how about fixing matchmaking overall, just gone from 7910 to 7777 in two losses because people cant play rank..

    and getting a legend for rank '1 in gold for tvt is 40% I have gone EIGHT WEEKS now without getting one.. this is beyond stupid, how about doing something like you do with your whale packs, where you open X amount for a guaranteed instead of hurting players who need legendary cards to progress?
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    With the addition of the new Bradley card there will be 147 cards in the game. “The team” is overhauling the look of Cartman shop however, I still see only 4 purchase options for cards/mats. Is this the first step in a overhaul? Will we be seeing more items to purchase with coins from the shop in the near future?
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    Everything sounds awesome! Don't listen to the griefers! No nerfs! Only buffs! Anyone complaining most likely complains about no new content then they complain about the cards released. Having SO much fun with the new cards. Game just keeps getting better. None of the new cards are more powerful than a regular dougie. Griefers just need to learn to adapt and overcome. Everyone on our team has been having a blast with the new stuff. Great job!!
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