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    [BUG] Club Challenge (eliminate with status) not tracking - 6th time, keep ignoring!

    The weekly club challenge for eliminating 25 enemies while they suffer from a status effect remains broken. The number of eliminated enemies does not register and there is no completion or reward notification for reaching 25. This weeks failure to count burners is the sixth time this challenge has malfunctioned. When the challenge calls for eliminating shocked enemies, it works correctly. The previous five times this challenge has required burning or bleeding enemies it has been broken. All other challenges, projects, research, and missions track correctly.

    So, this has been going on for months now and every time it comes up, I report it. I don't know why I do it because nobody can even be bothered to reply to one of my posts with "Thanks, we know and are looking into it". I get that it's a small bug and there are other bigger problems and OMG COVID is such a great catch all excuse for everything but someone somewhere has the job description "monitor/moderate forums" and you would think that means they are supposed to look in the bug forum, notice a bug report, pass it to the programmers, and acknowledge the post. Yeah, I know. What am I thinking? I'll just keep reporting it with more and more sarcasm each time and we'll see what happens.

    Previous hits:

    5th time - https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthrea...e-)?p=15096659
    4th time - https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthrea...ion?p=15047762
    Where it all started - https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthrea...5#post14984805
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    Thanks for attempting to provide this feedback and apologies that your previous post appear to have slipped through the cracks. As I understand you are advising that eliminating enemies while they are suffering from a status effects is not registering for you and causing you to be unable to complete this challenge.? If possible could I ask whether you were able to capture any images or if possible a shot video clips showing this occurring in game an we would certainly be able to get this looked into further.
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    Well, a response. That's something. Thanks.

    Now, as for the screenshot/video request... are you serious? I understand that you're on a script and that the first three steps in any Ubisoft support script are "create busy work for the customer in hopes that they go away" but this is ridiculous. Is there any part of the description that is unclear? Did you notice that three other people also commented that they had this problem on the "4th time" thread? Do you understand that the club challenge trackers don't update immediately in real time even when they are working properly so there isn't a way to record them not working? There is literally no way to capture this other than a shot of my club challenge reading zero which would be entirely unnecessary because I've already told you it isn't tracking the kills. What additional information could a screenshot/video provide that is not already covered in my description? Unless...the reason you want a video is because somehow you think I'm not doing it the right way. Granted, this is also a standard Ubisoft script goal i.e. it's not us, it's you. Here are a few facts:

    1 - I have 275 hours in this game
    2 - I completed these challenges several times before they became broken
    3 - I mentioned that the "shocked" challenge works correctly which means I still know how to complete this sort of challenge

    Please trust me when I say, I understand how to inflict a status effect on an enemy and then kill them. I am not going to make a video of me lobbing a grenade into a patrol and then mowing them down while they are on fire (or bleeding)... or igniting a gas can and then killing the burning victims... or using a sadist gun on enemies... or... well, I think I've made my point. I would be happy to provide more useful information but I am not going to waste my time because you don't trust that I can carry out a basic game task.

    Okay, let's start over. You seem to understand the problem I am describing. Do you understand that other people are having this problem too? Have you done any research on your end into this problem (like say looking to see if anyone at all completed these challenges)? Has that research led to specific questions that I could answer that might help you troubleshoot the problem?

    I know I'm being snarky and sarcastic but I've been down this road several time before with Ubisoft support.
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    I can confirm the described bug and its duration (weeks).

    Platform PC, Europe.

    The bug occured, when an update messed up the status effects, which led to the status icons not appearing over inflicted NPCs.
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    I'm able to confirm this bug too.

    It's really annoying being unable to complete these challenges for weeks now.
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    No surprise at all, this week's "let 'em bleed" challenge is not working (started August 20th).
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    There are a number of bugs on the player stats in Uplay that I've reported before but they've all fallen on deaf ears, so if I were you I'd give up reporting it -- it's in the "doesn't break the game" category so will remain very low priority, and the problem may actually be in Uplay or whatever system sits between it and Massive's servers rather than in TD2 so it might also require some sort of co-operation between two entirely different teams, so the chances of that much effort being put into it are, by my calculations, precisely zero. Heck, if they haven't yet got round to making sure that the fight that marks the culmination of the DLC actually works properly then this is certainly well off their radar. They've got time to implement a ridiculous cosmetic thing, but fixing bugs? Nah!
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    And I'm able to confirm this bug too.

    As stated by me last week. It's really annoying being unable to complete these challenges for weeks now.
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    I couldn't finish this challenge ever, but tried many times. Annoying bug indeed. It's been months...
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    Hello everyone!

    I am sorry to hear you have been having issues with the Eliminate with Status weekly challenge.

    I have passed along the information and this thread to our Division 2 team to investigate.

    If you have any information that could help us find the root cause and reproduce the issue, please let us know. Videos are always helpful as it allows us to see exactly what happened.

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    true for me bleed and fire dos not work its so sad
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    Same happening to me

    Yip completed all of them and used hive on plenty guys I then killed with no effect on number killed while bleeding
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    This is so funny. No matter what you write, you keep getting asked to send a video clip to show what you are talking about. Are you sure you aren't speaking to a robot?
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    Just to be comprehensive, the eliminate while shocked challenge (Shock and Awe) is working correctly this week (27 Aug). Only burn and bleed are broken (when they appear).
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    Hey there guys!

    Please be assure that our team are aware of this issue, and are currently investigating further. Once we have an official update, it will be shared here in the forums. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and appreciate your patience at this time.

    If you encounter this issue in the meantime, could you please specify which status effect Club challenge this happens on (i.e. burn, bleed, shocked etc). Thank you!
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    As expected, Shock and Awe works correctly this week (10 September). I mention this only to be comprehensive.
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    It's the week of Sep 17 and we have a chance to provide some useful information

    Once again, Let 'Em Bleed is not working. This is the eighth time that a bleed or burn challenge has failed to track progress.


    Frag out (Eliminate using frag grenade) is working correctly and that includes counting enemies who die from the fragmentation grenade bleed effect. This is the first time that Frag Out has overlapped with a broken Let 'Em Bleed.

    This should mean something.
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    Can confirm the confirmation, that the bleed-kill-counter is not working again.

    And I do it.
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    Good news: After the update today the counter ... counts!

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    Originally Posted by Myrdhyn74 Go to original post
    Good news: After the update today the counter ... counts!

    I'm pleased to hear that this was fixed with the latest update.
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    Me2 - maybe it should be mentioned in the patch notes.

    BTW: The best wishes for the thing with the flame crane on the tanker.
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    Yes, this update fixed the bleeder problem and hopefully the burner one as well. Thank you.

    I have one final thought. This seems to have been a relatively simple fix for a small bug that was handled by the actual coders soon after they received it. Now, consider this timeline:

    Apr 09 - First instance of bug
    Apr 17 - First bug report
    Jun 04 - Second bug report
    Jul 03 - Third bug report
    Jul 10 - Fourth bug report
    Jul 30 - Fifth bug report
    Aug 13 - Sixth bug report
    Aug 17 - First support response - Boomerang post, no action taken
    Aug 23 - Second support response - Bug passed on to Division 2 team
    Sep 03 - Third support response - Update with no new news
    Sep 23 - Bug fixed

    Four months and six posts to get noticed? Even considering the unique global circumstances, that's not exactly a timetable to be proud of. Perhaps this should be discussed at the next staff meeting.
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    Originally Posted by Landhammer Go to original post
    Sep 23 - Bug fixed
    I took a challenge yesterday to kill 250 Hyenas, today I took a challenge to kill 25 Sons under shock. The first one's counter froze at 152 seconds. The second counter is not filled in. Tech support sent me this article: https://support.ubisoft.com/en-GB/fa...-2-on-PC-TCTD2

    When I clarified that I have no problems with the connection and that I have never had a router, I was advised to go to the forum and follow it. Great job, Ubisoft...

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    Wow. Shocked worked for me this week and hyenas started to count but I haven't actually tried completing it yet. Sometimes, it takes a while for the club challenge counter to update with your in-game totals but if you're still frozen out a day or so later, you might be the first of a new version of this bug. Congratulations!

    And, you included a screenshot. Nice. Now they'll be sure to get on it right away.
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    Oh, I received the completed scales ten hours later. It just confused me that when taking the first test, the scale displayed progress 5 minutes after killing a certain number of hyenas.
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