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    hyperscape is having trouble connecting to the servers and is showing error violet-52 i did this after 13 UST so..... pls help
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    I am also having this issue it says that the error might have something to do with my ubisoft account being banned went to change my password and seen that someone from china and thailand got into my account so is there anyway that i can get my account un-banned because i live in the united states and never been to those countries i did change my password and now did the 2 step verification so this doesnt happen again thank you
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    yo it was my first time starting hyperscape and it showed that error i dont know why it showed that even though my internet was at full speed
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    doesnt work and its soooooooooooo anoying
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    hyper scape VIOLET-52

    hello i got problem with hyper scape. Everytime when i want to join to hyper scape there will write me there is something with servers it will give this error VIOLET-52 and i dopnt´ now to do with that. can someone help me.

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    Hey folks! If you're getting this error, consider changing your password and setting up 2FA - if the issue persists, run through this guide!
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