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    In Game Voice Chat

    I play on PC. I have been playing squad mode in hyperscape and couldn't hear any teammates in any match. I thought they might have muted their mic. Then today i invited my friend to try this game and we joined in party to play. But i couldn't hear him. I tried changing settings but didn't help. Then we started a match and my friend and our other teammate could talk to each other but I couldn't hear anyone. Restarted the game and suddenly we could hear each other. But it stopped after a while again. I couldn't hear his voice anymore. I changed voice to pushtotalk and pressed T but that added a muted icon to my playername and changed my text chat channel to private. I have no idea why this is happening. Verified my game files and still not working. Is there any fix??

    Edit : I don't have any issues with voice chat in any other games except this one.
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    Hey Mr__D00M! Welcome to the forums

    I'm sorry that this is happening. Do you have any overlays enabled when playing, such as Discord? Something else may be using your mic when you play.
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