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    Spectator Issues


    Since some days, theres some bugs with the spectator cams.
    it happens on ubisoft sponsored servers, aswell as on dedicated ones.

    in some spectator cams, u see the cars doing weird things,crashing into walls etc, even if theyre driving normally.
    idk why this is, but i hope this can be fixed very soon.
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    i second that.

    its weird if you spectate someone and he crashes something for 20sec.... and when you switch to free-cam-mode (7) he is doing fine.

    observed at dedicated-server all the time.

    greetings priez

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    yep, but it happens on ubisoft nadeo servers aswell. its exaclty the same. totally weird.

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    any staff member knows when theres a fix for that?
    quick reply would do it.

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    I noticed this problem to. I hope it is fixed soon!

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    Spectating a certain player doesn't stick

    I noticed on the TotD server that if you spectate a specific driver, you will switch spectating to someone else as soon as they retire, and it doesn't go back to the person you were spectating originally. It's pretty annoying to have to keep switching to the right player.

    Also, it's a shame that you have to click twice to be able to spectate someone, while in previous games it was just a single right mouse button click to switch, which was very handy for reporting on matches.

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    Hi JJ,

    Thanks for your report. Is it happening only on the TOTD server?

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    Spectator mode problem

    Hello everyone,

    When I am playing in a server, doing the track of the day for example, and I want to spectate someone, it doesn't work.
    I click on "tab" to open the menu, I choose a player and normally you just have to click on "spectate" or something like that.
    Now, I can't do it anymore. When I open the menu and click on a player, the menu closes and my interface disappear.

    Can someone help me with that?

    Thank you very much

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    Hi rmanon1411, welcome to the forum, are you able to upload a video of this behaviour for us to review?

    Please upload to a video sharing site if you can, then link us to the video here, thank you.

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    Hello everyone, welcome to the forum.

    Thank you mantazzo for sharing your solution of disabling VPN software to better connect to the server and spectate other players.

    Occasionally some VPN software and anti virus can stop players from connecting in the game. For a full list of occasionally problematic software, please see this link and disable when you can -

    Please also follow the steps in this guide for improving your connection -

    Another thing you can do is check your NAT type.

    You can usually find this out from your ISP's website and logging into your router, by entering your routers IP address into your browsers address bar, logging in and navigating to your routers settings.

    If you have more that one router or live in a college dorm or a building with shared internet can mean you may have double or triple nat which can sometimes affect connection too.