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    Wanted: Chaos Mode Feedback!

    Hello there everyone!

    We've been enjoying the new Chaos mode for several weeks now and we wanted to check in and see how you were all feeling about it. Do you have any thoughts on what you do and don't like? How about the challenges themselves? Do you have an idea for one that you think would be really fun? Are there any themes or characters you wish we'd focus on? Are there any you feel have had too much time in the spotlight?

    Note that this is not a promise that all of this feedback will lead to direct changes right away, but it will have an impact on our Chaos Mode discussions moving forward!

    Please let us know all your ideas and thoughts about what you'd like to see in the future!
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    Couple of points:

    1. Please remove ranking from the matchmaking, I understand the desire to protect new players, but maybe split them into different league. Base the league on NK level, so people cant derank to get back into the easy challenge. Currently every match, both PVP and Chaos is based on rank and its making people keener to derank (side note, adding NK level into the matchmaking in some form would also help with this)

    2. In events such as Cowboys vs Aliens, where you buff cowboys speed and Aliens are one cost less, for example, can you make it so only one type can be in the deck (i.e. pick cowboys OR aliens, as currently its just both). this would lead to more decks being used towards the end of the 2 days. Right now it feels like everyone ends up using the same 12 cards within about 3 hours.

    3. Please tilt the chaos modes towards the least used cards. its much more fun to play with cards you don't normally use, and might even give the developers a good idea of who needs balancing etc.
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    Wow this is only week 2 of my chaos mode boycott.

    High level play... What the hell were you thinking caging off the high elo players? It sucks more then a swollen donkey's a**h*** in heat.
    the meta for the friendly levels is set. If the weekly theme doesnt power over the meta, then its just a friendly meta deck.
    Its too routine, same cards same this same that. plus we play with baby cards. friendly levels L1E2R3C4.
    I remember when you first announced friendly levels, you also mentioned TOURNAMENT LEVELS L3E4R5C6. YOU NEVER EVER USED THIS MODE!!
    Instead of locking up the high elo players, LET the player base CHOOSE THEMSELVES to play with friendly or tournament levels at the start of chaos mode.. Cards like C0ck magic are useless at lv2. at lv4 its a different card. Plus it would change the meta a lot. get rid of the high vs low elo. RL do not divide us, let us divide us with our choices.

    Themes that contain 'X' has increased stats... just garbage formula for a mode. its random if you include how much you buff them. a buff is 1.3 or 1.7 .lets buff em by 1.3 which gives them +7 attack ... which isnt much of a buff.. who cares because this buff to low tier cards doesnt make them stronger enough to beat the meta. If you going buff something. go 2.0+ or go home. quit wasting peoples time. increased stats... pffft you dont even do it right.

    I saw another player already post that you need to buff more cards at once, instead of having stale mirror decks every match. YES! buff a lot of cards so its not mirror decks.

    Also for team area, and I choose to fight a teammate, give us chaos mode, and tournament level mode. we got friendly levels and tvt. give us more in this area.

    Ideas for some themes:

    All cards cost 4.

    Rare and epic only decks,

    Common and legendry only decks.

    once units die, they transform into a chomper.

    every 4th card is free.
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    make it fun... half the time you dont even get to use the boosted cards.. because the same generic week in week out deck is stronger.

    get ranked matchmaking off, no point, hard enough playing against people when they use the same generic strongest deck, without facing deranked whales also, cards are scaled, so everyone is on the same footing. (and even before this change people at 5k had competitive cards....) and waiting 5 minutes to face a mirror deck, and being screwed royalty by RNG is even more frustrating.

    some of us are trying to use this for bars to earn the bottlecaps.. because of all the derankers on ladder knocking me a tier below... so again, would be nice to not have my game determined by the above, it costs 50 cash to reset.... when you get 2 or 3 bars and 3 losses whats the point? and when its boosted speed cards, its usually bugged to hell because the game doesn't register hits properly.

    what happened to the set decks? bring those back
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    Tons of community feedback

    There’s a lot of good feedback on the questions asked every week on discord.
    You could start by reading those.
    Week after week are getting ignored.
    There’s many great suggestions there, as well as many critics.
    On other side, chaos mode was a fun mode, because it was “different”; you had a chance to try different decks and use cards you normally wouldn’t use.
    Whit the friendly levels change it appeared like the competition would improve because everyone was going to be “on the same shoes”, instead we are now in a “derank to win mode”.
    Also, it’s getting boring that almost every one uses the same decks; it’s not a “mirror deck challenge”.
    Matchmaking would be great if it would be completely ramdom. That way you could have all sort of opponents instead of choosing who you fight with as it’s right now, because atm people derank or use low alts to be able to win and get “easy” matches/opponents.
    Another thing is that it seems that now it’s always the same; sped up units and a little buff on others.
    Besides you seem to be giving the community the finger with each “change” you make, because it’s clear you don’t read the thousand comments that people constantly make, because you seem to do the exact opposite of what people is asking for or complaining about.
    It would be a lot easier for you if you could take the time to listen to the community.
    The problems are easy to follow and are usually the same every time, but you seem to change things that have nothing to do with what is asked and that instead of fixing anything, create new problems.
    Thanks for giving us a chance here, hopefully we could get fun from this game again, because sadly, it has become a pain for many.
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    Agreeing with what's already been said above, it's hard to take this seriously when the Q&A on Discord is full of posts telling you the overriding problem. If you add all the upvotes from questions like "Why is matchmaking based on SP when we all have the same card levels", you would see that you broke the mode for many and then added insult by first ignoring us, then saying you'd revert it, then not doing so.. You ask "how am we enjoying it"? I'm not even renewing it - I nearly left the game over the way it's been mishandled.

    You say "we don't want inexperienced players getting tough games when they get matched with better players", but this is asinine - when I was inexperienced I learned some really great plays from Challenge Mode being thrashed by superior strategy - an opportunity lower SP players don't get in PvP as they're playing similar levels of experience (and the occasional de-ranker that relies on their superior card levels because they lack the time or skill to play competitively where their card levels belong - but that's another issue).

    Ideally you'd remove SP from the MM equation but you've repeatedly demonstrated that you're unwilling to do that so why not just match people randomly on shield type - wood, bronze, silver, gold. This way there's no chance of newbies that haven't yet discovered some of the cards being matched with someone that has them all. They won't have as much opportunity to learn strategy from people much better than them, but at least you'll retain more snowflakes.

    Also echoing what others are saying, the special parameters of Chaos Mode need to outweigh the Chaos meta - which is undeniably Space Pilot Bradley assassin pushes and a super cheap deck to most quickly rotate SPB back into play.. Unless the buffs/nerfs/cost adjustments are significant enough to outweigh this imbalance (caused by your policy of releasing OP cards to scalp as much cash as you can) then you may as well not bother. To be fair, this week's buffs to the core characters of the show looks like it might be enough to outweigh the meta - so thanks for giving me a positive note to end this on!
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    You need to remove elo from the matchmaking consideration. Full stop. I suggested this on the Discord Q&A, and when you responded that you weren't planning to do so, your response received dozens of thumbs downs and facepalms and not a single thumbs up. Please, please, please, listen to the community. PVP elo has NOTHING to do with Chaos Mode matchmaking, where all players receive the same card levels. Using PVP elo this way incentivizes deranking and makes the mode completely unfun for high-level players, who are facing nothing but mirror decks against good players, resulting in lengthy draws and going 3-3 at best most of the time.

    The mode requires 12 wins to get full rewards, that's an 86% win rate at the lowest. It's completely impossible for high-level players to do this.
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    I can only echo what has been said many, many, MANY times. Stop using ELO in your matchmaking! If you want to protect brand new players, then make wood/bronze shield a different pool or something, but there's no reason to punish high ranked players like you've been doing for so long.

    You want to know why people derank? It's because of decisions like this and the poor/nonexistent scaling of rewards with rank. The work required to hold a rank of 9k is incredibly high compared to 6-7k, but there is no reward for doing so during the season. Make it better, not worse.
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    Make it a free for all like it was in the first place. If you really feel the need to give the newbies a chance, then just come out clean with it and divide the matchmaking into bronze silver and gold but also increase the rewards and Legendary chances for higher leagues.
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    Broken record here but agree with everyone else. First and foremost, matching people based on elo in chaos mode is a terrible idea that makes no sense based on what chaos mode was designed for. Furthermore, as it is today, there is no point in creating new challenges, chaos mode is the who can use spb the best mode. It’s stale and it shouldn’t be hard to fix. Please listen to the community and make these simple fixes.
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