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    Support button not working

    Hi, I tried reporting an issue by clicking on the Support button at the bottom of the FAQ page in the game (iOS) but clicking this just brings up a blank, white screen that then freezes. The only way I can get out of this screen is to turn the phone off and on again.

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    I submitted through Ubisoft’s website. There’s a spot you can select the game and why you’re submitting. Get your tickets in, hopefully they respond with an update.
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    Continued trials frontier issues

    The midnight circuit has been screwed up for months. The bunker including garnered items is also crashing. What the F$$K is going on here Ubisoft???
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    Hi all!
    Regretfully, Midnight Circuit has been removed from the game, so will no longer be available.
    The dev team are aware of players experiencing issues with the bunker and are currently looking into this
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    Tickets when where’s the Tickets. I send every day about 10 Tickets and fuel but get just 3 or 4 Tickets back. Arrrrrr. Are this people bots? Thanks for the Information. francobanco
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