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    It literally has nothing to do with temperature, or atleast, In my case, It doesn't.

    The only way I've been able to play recently (because It changes so frequently) Is to change the SLi compatibility bits In Nvidia Profile Inspector to Anno 2070 and select rendering modes and number of cards, manually. I can get both cards (1080 Ti Strix) to run at 80%, but with only 40fps, because I'm stuck with using DX11. With DX12, It's around 120fps.

    Without these changes, I couldn't even play with DX11
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    I have two computers running Anno 1800.

    The first is an i7-7700 with a GTX 1070 and 32 GB of RAM. This system does not have crashing issues.

    My second is my ASUS g14 laptop with a Ryzen 5900HS and an RTX 3060 and 16 GB of RAM. This system crashes, and it seems to do so if I alt-tab to a different window. Running in DX 11 or 12 doesn't make a difference.

    Please fix this Ubisoft! From what I've read this has been plaguing the game for years.
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    Originally Posted by vbavburemcx Go to original post
    Dear friends! The reason is trivial! Your video card is warming up! And the game crashes because of this. None of the above steps will help. Change the cooling system of your pc / video card or change the thermal grease or lower the graphics settings in the game.
    Im sorry but i think that is your case maybe but not the culprit in general. I myself run a complete custom watercooled system. And my gfx card runs around 50 degrees C and my steps above worked for me and i had DX error ALOT but now fixed for now atleast.
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    Hey FusionPhysx, Narxes081206, and C0lbyte - thanks for your posts about this!

    Our team are aware of the issue and are looking into this. In the meantime, FusionPhysx and Narxes081206, I'm sure you have already but just to be sure, have you ran through our troubleshooting guide, being sure to verify your game files, update your drivers and OS, make sure you don't have any unnecessary background programs running, and reinstall supporting software such as DirectX?

    As said though, we're looking into it, so we'll post again in this thread if there's specific troubleshooting we'd like you to perform to help with our investigation. Thanks again for your updates!
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