Hi. I am posting something for Ubi-Thorlof. I told him in the ANNO 1404 Community ANNO Afternoon Stream that I would deliver these to him here. I took some nice screenshots after we ended the stream. I also edited in the ANNO UNION logo and correct ANNO Title stamp as well. Feel free to use these in the ANNO UNION either to share in a community spotlight. Or to use in a follow up Union Post regarding the stream. I'm just stating this for the admins/moderators here in case they mistake this as a post not intended for this forum. Right so here they are. 3 of them are from the stream and 2 are mine from a practice game that I did myself to train myself under a 2 hour time limit. To see if I would do alright for the duration of the stream which is 2 hours. I will also add the imjur links as well to the full resolution files for everyone's convenience.