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    No Weapon Primary, Secondary or Side-Arm Input when Enemies Near - 4:3 Resolution

    So, been getting into some CRT Gaming, was going to check out some games using some 1600x1200 Resolution to pump graphics up.. Typically I use an iPad 3 screen via Display Port (and the issue happens here too)... For some reason when you have a resolution set to 4:3 or anything not 16:x or 21:X the game just breaks itself.

    You can shoot your primary, secondary and side-arm all day long if you aren't around any enemies or if you run away from them.

    The moment you turn around your weapon either doesn't fire, or you get two shots off. Sometimes you can swap weapons a bunch and get another 1-2 shots off. Your grenades, talents, skills all work as normal. It's soooo weird.

    The only way I can stay in a fire-fight is to keep hitting alt+enter to go from full-screen to window and back.

    I downloaded OBS and did an overlay, hopefully somebody can reproduce this and let me know if it happens for you.

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    Can't confirm (the game doesn't give me any 4:3 resolutions to choose from, and the only 4:3 display I own is an EGA monitor), but that's definitely a weird bug -- the loading screen is wonky which suggests it didn't occur to the developers that 4:3 was ever going to be an option, but why that would stop your guns working as soon as an NPC appears is a mystery. Probably easier to buy a 16:9 CRT than hope it'll ever get patched, though!
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