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    Developer Update: Brand New Month

    Happy August, New Kids! It’s me, Toller, back from my holiday with all the news that’s ready to be shared!

    Here is the Weekly Timetable

    As is summer tradition, Monday and Tuesday will start us off with a Mission Event, this time involving the one and only Jesus! Wednesday will have a new Token Event! The Chaos Mode for this week is Elves vs Aliens! Elves will be summoned with their speed increased and Aliens will have their stats boosted. Which will come out on top? That’s up to you, New Kid!

    Our Weekend Event will run this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and will be themed around everyone’s favourite duo, Youth Pastor Craig and Imp Tweek! The following cards will be used in this event:

    • Youth Pastor Craig
    • Imp Tweek
    • Priest Maxi
    • Jesus
    • Scout Ike
    • The Master Ninjew
    • Dark Angel Red
    • Mind Control
    • Mintberry Crunch
    • Satan
    • Transmogrify
    • Medicine Woman Sharon

    I also have all of the point totals available for this week’s events, of course:

    Mision Event Point Totals:
    Solo Pack One 40 Points
    Solo Pack Two 100 Points
    Solo Pack Three 160 Points
    Solo Pack Four 240 Points
    Solo Pack Five 320 Points
    Solo Pack Six 400 Points
    *** ***
    Team Pack One 500 Points
    Team Pack Two 3,000 Points
    Team Pack Three 7,500 Points

    Token Event Point Totals:
    Solo Pack One 25 Points
    Solo Pack Two 50 Points
    Solo Pack Three 75 Points
    Solo Pack Four 125 Points
    Solo Pack Five 175 Points
    Solo Pack Six 225 Points
    Solo Pack Seven 275 Points
    Solo Pack Eight 350 Points

    And, last but not least, the Weekend Event Point Totals:

    Solo Pack One 3 Points
    Solo Pack Two 8 Points
    Solo Pack Three 15 Points
    Solo Pack Four 25 Points
    Solo Pack Five 35 Points
    Solo Pack Six 45 Points
    Solo Pack Seven 60 Points
    Solo Pack Eight 80 Points
    *** ***
    Team Pack One 75 Points
    Team Pack Two 250 Points
    Team Pack Three 500 Points
    Team Pack Four 750 Points
    Team Pack Five 1,000 Points


    Don’t forget that this week will be the first week with all our new reward changes! As a reminder, here is the list of changes we made:

    Mission Events:
    We’ve boosted the Legendary drop for Tier 6, and we’ve added a minimum of 1000 coins per event!

    Token Events:
    We’re changing the total of Tokens you need to complete your event! It will now be 350 Tokens instead of 400 Tokens. We’ve also added a minimum of 1500 coins per event!

    Card Usage Events:
    We’ve added at least 1750 Coins per event!


    If you haven’t yet joined our official South Park: Phone Destroyer Discord Server, come on over! It's the best place for all South Park: Phone Destroyer discussions! Plus this week will see the return of our Weekly Q&A with some of our Devs! To join, just click HERE

    As always, please let us know your feedback about this update and about Phone Destroyer in general! Let us know what you think of the new reward changes especially, we’re very excited to know!

    A new month and a new season are ahead of us! Best of luck to you all as you smash those phones on your path to victory!

    Hearts and Hugs,
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    Why do you say 'added a minimum' for coins? Will it be more in some events? Scale on arena? Or why not just leave that part out, since the two we've seen so far are 'exactly' x more coins, for all arenas
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    And what are you going to do about derankers and bad matchmaking system?
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    Ugh another mystical week. I hate mystical.
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    Are there any "Balance Update" this season?
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    Originally Posted by MarWell15 Go to original post
    Are there any "Balance Update" this season?
    The whales are not milked enough to nerf space pilot and dark angel.
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    Originally Posted by MarWell15 Go to original post
    Are there any "Balance Update" this season?
    No, they said before last reset that there would be none in August.
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    Welp, another month of Bradley n Dar. Guess I'll just have fun stealing people's cards.
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    nothing of note here.... nothing balanced, changed or fixed.
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    My god, the mobile formatting for the event totals is STILL messed up!! Whatever you’re doing, change it please. I’ve posted about it every week.

    Also can you PLEASE list the boosted cards for chaos mode? Seems every week there is wild speculation as to which cards will be included. Shouldn’t have to wait until Wednesday to find out.
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