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    Official forums and documentation ?


    When can we expect an official and organized forum like maniplanet ? Documentation for dedicated servers and controllers is absent and many people try to find their way around randomly.

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    Hi Jimos94,

    It's the official forums for Trackmania.

    You can find information about dedicated servers here:

    You can find information about controllers, maniascript in this section:

    You can also find many information on Trackmania discord: https://discord.gg/Vgnm4y

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    Dear Alinoa, I have to agree with Jimos94. After not playing TrackMania for several years (stopped around 2013) and being mostly active on the German deepsilver forum I tried to get back into the technical parts of TM like Manialinks, Server Controller, etc.

    It took some time to realize this seems to be the official forum as it isn't nearly as organized as the ones I used to visit. On the ManiaPlanet one there are several subforums for Dedicated Server, Web Services and Players Tools each with even more subforums. The "in game" subforum has 7 subforums on its own. All those hugely benefit the overall feeling when navigating the forum. It's just so much more organized.

    Or am I getting this wrong and the ManiaPlanet forum is still the official Trackmania forum? Then why is it that the links you provided are all linking to Threads in the Ubi forum?

    Furthermore it seems like the stuff I'm interested in is now hidden on the Ubisoft Nadeo Forums where registrations are not possible as of right now...

    Also, why don't you list your newest game on your own website at https://www.nadeo.com/ ?

    Overall, while I was really looking forward to getting back into Trackmania, it doesn't really contribute positively to my (second) first impressions.
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