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    UPlay and Wake From Sleep

    This isn't an issue with Hyper Scape per se, but it impacts my Hyper Scape experience and should be resolved. I don't have any other Ubisoft games, I don't use UPlay for any reason other than Hyper Scape.

    If I wake my computer from sleep, the UPlay client sends me a warning about how it is working the background to reconnect. This message never seems to go away. If I close the launcher and reopen it, the "reconnecting" message i describe is no longer present. If I launch Hyper Scape from this situation, once I go to be placed in queue, it tells me I need to reconnect. I must close and reopen after I completely close down UPlay from the task manager.

    No offense, some of worst parts of dealing with these games is these garbage launchers The same was true of a few other games I won't mention here. Please work with the Ubisoft UPlay team to get this resolved. Or, better yet, put it on Steam.
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    I have the same issue.
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    Sorry for the late response and to hear that you are experiencing this.

    Could you please confirm, do you put your PC into sleep mode whilst the Uplay launcher is still open as well as Hyper Scape or do you exit Hyper Scape first then leave the Uplay launcher open and go into sleep mode?

    Can you also provide a screenshot of the on screen message you receive.
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