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    Can you please make one last patch addressing two specific bugs?

    I know this game came out last year but far cry 5 just got an update today and that one is from 2017, Anyway I just wish you fixed the blood textures not appearing on the snow because it's really immersion breaking and the infinite music loop every time you synchronize a viewpoint, I know there's a fix but you have to do it every single time you synch a viewpoint, please try to fix these two issues and the remaster would be much MUCH better.
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    2021 here ... not fixed I assume ? Hello Ubisoft ?
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    Hey guys, thanks for getting in touch and apologies about the delayed response from our team.

    First and foremost, in relation to the snow textures issue - would you be able to provide us with screenshot showing exactly what you're referring to?

    In terms of the music loop issue - this one does not appear to have been brought up already, therefore try verifying your game files and should problem persist, would it be possible for you to provide video footage showing this by any chance?

    Let us know and we will take it from there.
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    Why bother replying? these issues were reported since launch and no one at Ubisoft did anything.

    Countless threads about the snow issue have been on this forum, all the video proof is on YouTube.


    The fact is Ubisoft abandoned this game since launch and don't care about their consumers.
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