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    If they do know as you say they do then i guess the only explanation to why is Sam absent is that they have no idea how to contiune with the story after blacklist and keep it live service full of micro-transactions etc....SC is not like the other games and Ubi studios prob putting forward diff ideas and at this point they still at that stage or they picked something some time ago and now they are working on it and while this is happening they trying to riase brand awarness via diff games/shows etc...
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    A little update: https://collider.com/splinter-cell-n...tad-interview/

    The animated series should not be released before the end of 2022. The first season of 8 episodes has been greenlighted.
    But the most important news is that Derek Kolstad (who directs this series) will also be directing a Hitman TV series.
    It feels to me like they gave him these projects only to follow a trend because currently John Wick is a successful series in the movie industry... Anyway let's just hope these series will manage to put stealth forward and not be like John Wick, we'll wait & see.
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