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    1st Special Forces Operations Command

    1st Special Forces Operation Command


    Looking to create a *NEW* MILSIM type group/clan that will operate with the mindset of a real special forces operator. I am looking to fill ranks with like-minded individuals that will play through the game as a team with maximum immersion as possible.

    Requirements to Join:
    1. Must be 18+ & Mature
    2. Must have microphone & discord
    3. Must be a team player
    4. Must speak english

    I am wanting to create a military type ranking structure inside of the group/clan so that members have something to work towards. If your interested please reply here.

    I have already created a discord server for us to use.
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    Interested. CygnusX14329 - XB1 PermanentWaves1 - PS4 Discord PermanentWaves1#1058
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    just saw this are you still looking for players,ex Forces 8yrs.!!
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