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    Rocksmith 2014 will not launch

    I have purchased RS2014 for my pc, as I missed playing it from when I had it previously on a console. However when I launch it it simply goes to a white screen and closes with no error messages.

    I have edited the .ini file to launch it in windowed mode as I had heard launching in windows mode fixed the issue, but it still launches to a white screen and closes.
    I also initially tried using -windowed launch command in steam
    I have stopped msi afterburner, as I've seen that cause issues with games
    I have tried running it in multiple compatibility modes (from windows XP through to windows 8)

    Intel I7-9700k
    ~30GB ram
    Geforce RTX 2070 Super

    Thank you for any assistance!
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    rcole_sooner's Avatar Moderator
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    Did you follow this guide?


    Are you using the built in (realtek) audio playback device?

    Are you using your realtone cable from the console game? If so, that is okay.
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    I got it figured out, I hadn't turned off the hub that had my sim-rig plugged into it. once I did that the game booted fine.
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    Ubi-Litten's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Thanks for getting in contact and advising how you were able to get your issue resolved, I will certainly forward this information for further review. In the meantime, while I hope you do not experience any further issues, please feel free to let us know if you would like to provide any additional feedback or have any other queries.
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