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    No way I can play acoustic guitar with mic mode - no mic detected.

    I have the PC version bought on steam (remastered 2014) running latest win10. The only mic my game detects is the mic embedded in laptop, which is useless. I already tried 2 different external USB soundcards with microphones attached, but nothing works - they are never detected. One of the sound cards is sound blaster live! 2, the other some small DAC. What am I doing wrong?
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    toymachinesh's Avatar Senior Member
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    your recording device (microphone) has to be setup like this

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    Ubi-Borealis's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Thanks for sharing your workaround, toymachinesh!

    zenonkielbasa, could you let us know if toymachinesh's advice helped, or if your game is still only detecting your in-built laptop mic?
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