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    Songs will not install from download list on ps4

    My gamer tag is LewieDee420. I purchased a few songs on the standard version Rocksmith 2014. The songs got added to the download list, but won’t actually install. They show up on the download list, but say “waiting to install”. When I click on it and press start, it says “application not available”. After I press OK, it brings me to the PS store to the RockSmith 2014 Remastered page (in an attempt to get me to purchase, even though I own the non-remastered version on disc already). Is there a way to fix this? Or do I HAVE to purchase the remastered version also to access my songs I purchased?
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    Hi Lewiedee420!

    Sorry to hear you having issues with installing your songs.

    Can you please follow the steps in this article on downloading content?

    If you still have issues, can you show images of the error?

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