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    Sound issues since 10.1 update

    I have sound issues with the game from time to time normally but usually nothing major but since 10.1 update there are times I hear nothing then all the sudden a ton of things there are times I drops a hive and hear nothing as it deals damage and last night there were several times I counted at least 20 seconds after firing my chem launcher before I heard the sound for it. It is either some sort of major sound lag or desync as I also feel like other players I run into aren't even close to where it shows them as I got killed by a player though a wall and a huge metal box outside the building and I have also been killed as I was well on around a corner. Not sure if the sound just makes it feel that way or if that is what it is but it is getting pretty unplayable the way it is.
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    Hi TAZ__KID!

    I'm sorry you are encountering sound issues. Would you be able to provide a video of this happening so we can forward it to the team?
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    This isn't the worst I have seen it but this is bad enough in my book especially the sound. I will try to remember to get more and my brother can get some himself also from a different house and different internet but we do live within 20 miles of each other. I am pretty sure you don't even hear one shot from the chem launcher in this and another is really delayed. These are from 7-24-2020.

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    Also these.


    This one is or seems to happen when rogues are on or close to or even maybe go rogue on or near a supply drop. Either way the supply drop icon stays and no more supply drops come in after it happens. You have to swap servers if you want supply drops.

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    Let me know if more is needed I have saved a bit more myself and my brother said he has saved some also that I can get from him next time I am up his way. I also have another video about one of the supply drops when they can't be opened. I actually managed to open one on accident. I was good little piece from the actual drop and saw it pop on my screen to open so I tried it and the supply drop opened although I wasn't even on it. My brother saw the same thing I was saw and asked how I did it.
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    Hey there,

    Thank you for the video examples. I have passed these onto the team to look into further
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