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    Outdated info on one of the news posts

    https://trackmania.com/2020/05/27/tr...d-club-access/ :

    Maybe at the time of writing the news post it was planned to work this way (that you can only save one track, and it will be overwritten), but didn't this get changed to how it works now to infinite Simple editor tracks for Starter Access?

    Maybe an update to this newspost would be good, to not mislead potential new players and readers of the news posts?

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    Also, a little bit of a different topic, still related to the news page, but I don't think this is worth starting a new thread over.

    Here in the forum, both HOME and NEWS lead to https://trackmania.com/.

    I think HOME is good that it leads to https://trackmania.com/ , but NEWS should lead to https://trackmania.com/news/ .

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    Thanks for pointing that out! We'll get someone to look into that article

    I've gone ahead and updated the forum banner too, News will now link to the correct webpage.
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