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    Developer Update: Chaos, but make it Cute

    Happy Monday, New Kids! It’s Toller again! I’m here with the news for this week in Phone Destroyer, and let me just tell you this week? It’s pretty darn adorable.

    Here is the Weekly Timetable

    Monday and Tuesday will have a brand new Mission Event , and Wednesday will have a new Token Event too! We’ll also be in for some interesting weather as our Chaos Mode this week is all about Tornado Chaos! This means that all cards with AOE attacks will have boosted stats!

    The weekend’s event is going to be a fun one this week, because we’re unleashing the power of Chaotic Cuteness! That’s right, we’re releasing the brand new card, the Chaos Hamsters!

    These wild beasts are well protected by their hamster balls, and will work similarly to tiny Tupperwares! As you can see above, they are immune from all abilities, status effects and spells. We’re so excited to hear your thoughts on this brand new swarm card, so please feel free to share them!

    They will of course be introduced with an event that will run on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and the following cards can be used and boosted in during that event:

    • Chaos Hamsters
    • Professor Chaos
    • Mosquito
    • Mintberry Crunch
    • Fastpass
    • Lava!
    • The Coon
    • Pirate Ship Timmy
    • Sorceress Liane
    • Pigeon Gang
    • Energy Staff
    • Four-assed Monkey

    I also have all of the point totals available for this week’s events, of course:

    Mision Event Point Totals:
    Solo Pack One 40 Points
    Solo Pack Two 100 Points
    Solo Pack Three 160 Points
    Solo Pack Four 240 Points
    Solo Pack Five 320 Points
    Solo Pack Six 400 Points
    *** ***
    Team Pack One 500 Points
    Team Pack Two 3,000 Points
    Team Pack Three 7,500 Points

    Token Event Point Totals:
    Solo Pack One 25 Points
    Solo Pack Two 50 Points
    Solo Pack Three 75 Points
    Solo Pack Four 125 Points
    Solo Pack Five 175 Points
    Solo Pack Six 225 Points
    Solo Pack Seven 300 Points
    Solo Pack Eight 400 Points

    And, last but not least, the Weekend Event Point Totals:

    Solo Pack One 3 Points
    Solo Pack Two 8 Points
    Solo Pack Three 15 Points
    Solo Pack Four 25 Points
    Solo Pack Five 35 Points
    Solo Pack Six 45 Points
    Solo Pack Seven 60 Points
    Solo Pack Eight 80 Points
    *** ***
    Team Pack One 75 Points
    Team Pack Two 250 Points
    Team Pack Three 500 Points
    Team Pack Four 750 Points
    Team Pack Five 1,000 Points


    Our ninth Battle Pass will be arriving this week as well! It’ll begin on July 24th and run until August 21st, with not just the Chaos Hamsters, but also a sweet new Chaos Minion outfit for your New Kid to wear too!


    If you haven’t yet joined our official South Park: Phone Destroyer Discord Server, come on over! It's the best place for all South Park: Phone Destroyer discussions! Not only can you hang out with some great fellow New Kids, we’re also begun a weekly series of Q&A’s with our Phone Destroyer Dev Team! If you’ve got a question you’ve always wanted to ask, come on in and let us know! To join, just click HERE

    That’s all I have to discuss today! As always, please let us know your feedback about this update and anything else you feel like bringing to our attention. We’re always happy to hear from you!

    Hearts and Hugs,
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    Nice card

    Well, for once im excited for a new card, they are what what superheroes needed, a tupperware that does not cost a absurd amount of energy, but maybe 2 energy is too much for this stats, i think 3 would be better, but lets look foward to it. I hope you guys finnaly take our concerns and release cards more reasonable for the game, not super op or super useless cards.
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    What are you? new card? damn, we didn't know, Toller, I thought you were a normal dude, you will solve my request, ban in discord ... but alas
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    saved the new card for the bp. it was predicted.
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    What about space pilot and dark angel balances, why do these changes need to wait for a whole season when we knew they were broken immediately upon release???
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    I love this card. SH needed a two cost playable character that was interesting. Also, even though Coon is NOT really worth 5 energy- he’s an overpriced 4 cost- this card at least provides for a Coon (Compare to Santa’s stats) to have some value for 7 cost.
    Also I think Chaos Hamsters at 2 cost makes sense considering they cannot be buffed by anything.
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    Toller honest question, you guys even care about the derranking problem at all? There was no fix to challenge mode to help with that issue, still the same. Just asking because I can find very little incentive not to derank myself.
    Also, I see both in my team and social media a lot of players quitting the game over frustration of facing the completely broken new cards (pilot Bradley and DAR) as a seasoned player I know that there will be a huge nerf coming after you are done milking the whales that buy this cards, so is this money worth the big player base you are loosing over this practice?
    One last thing, is keeping the unit that was MC'd and then DAR'd intended as part of this card being completely broken or just a huge glitch?
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    Will you finally please fix the matchmaking?
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    and deranking, getting silly now, 7400s with 8k level cards constantly, and 7600s not playing cards to drop to 7400 to play 8k level cards... its ruining the game.
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    Ey, what if you fix the derranking, and next release new cards? Because this game needs better matchmaking, and the rewards on the events are the same, so whats the benefits to have a high rank?
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