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    THE CREW - Not able to play properly

    Dear UBIsoft Team,

    I purchased 'The Crew Ultimate Edition' yesterday to play on my laptop. My Laptop is meeting all the requirements but still the game play is not smooth, the graphics are very slow moving.

    Below if my laptop configuration:

    Dell Inspirion 15
    Windows 10 OS
    i5 Processor
    8GB Ram
    Geforce MX230 graphic card

    I tried all possible may, installed DirectX updated the graphic card driver, lowered the game settings etc, but still unable to play properly, please advice with a resolution.

    If my laptop is not capable of playing this game, I am thinking of buying a new Xbox one, will i be able to play it on Xbox platform?

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    mx230 is a really weak graphics chip.
    if anything im not surprised it doesnt run smoothly.

    Have you tried lowering graphics to low or low with some stuff turned off like shadows and lowering the resolution to get at least stable 30 fps? 60 if you're lucky
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