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    Please Ubisoft,make an AMA with Darby McDevitt.

    Seeing a discussion where someone asked if we can talk with narrative director Darby McDevitt,I thought that some fans have something to ask him.
    Valhalla will be released two years after the last game and it will be the first game playable even on the next generation consoles.
    It will have some changes and I am sure that all the fans have some doubts.
    So,why don't you make an AMA with Darby McDevitt?
    In 2018 Jonathan Dumont did an AMA on Reddit where the fans could ask him anything.
    There we also discovered that Kassandra is the canon character.
    For this reason I think that also Darby McDevitt should do an AMA where he can say to the fans what they need to know if it is possible.
    I'd like if it would be on the ubisoft forum,so that also who don't have a Reddit account can ask him anything.
    I ask to the developpers and mostly to Darby to consider this idea,because I think that the fans need it.
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    After listening to a couple of interviews with Darby I'm not the least bit concerned Ismail is gone ..... Darby seems to be the true driving force behind Valhalla and likely had a lot more to do with Black Flag's success than he is given credit for. He can tell a good story and his ideas for dropping the traditional side quest format and introducing the new one in Valhalla looks to be extremely promising

    So yeah I'd love to be able to ask Darby a few questions .......
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    I would really like to ask him some questions but I fear that we get again "yes these things are there, but we dont tell you more about it because this would spoil you"
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    McDevitt did Q&A after Black Flag, so most likely that will happen. But he'll do it after the release of Valhalla and discuss all spoilers.
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