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    DLC on XBOX 360

    I was going to download some DLC within the game on XBOX 360. However, only DLC from June 2019 forward was available. Is the older DLC no longer available? Thanks.
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    Today, content is showing back to December 2015. I am sure it is missing some songs because I was not finding American Woman or Black Magic Woman. Are certain songs no longer available? Thanks.
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    Those are songs from the RS1 era of DLC

    it will automatically work in Rocksmith 2014

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    Downloaded through original rocksmith

    I dug out the original Rocksmith and was able to download American Woman. I thought just having the original game installed would allow access to the older DLC through Rocksmith Remastered. It does now appear in the song list for both. The guitar tone seems better in the original. LOL

    Thanks for the help.
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