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    Applying for Stream Drops

    I apologize for this being my first post, but I am new to the game and really looking to be a part of it's growth.

    I understand that currently drops are only for Hyper Scape Founders. However, is there any word on if the development team is planning on adding drops to new channels? If so, is there an application process or sign up?

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    Hey Skeem! There is currently no open process for applying for drops at this time. Our original intent with the Twitch Drop Pod drop was to allow anyone to have it enabled on their channel, but we had some issues on the backend with it. For now, these drops will be Founders only. As for the Founders process, that does not have a publc facing process either. Keep up your content creating and doing what you enjoy for a chance in the future
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    Thanks for the response! The grind continues
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