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    Error code 0-0x00610

    Every time i try to connect to the R6 servers it gives the same code each time and it says the free weekend is over but i bought the game forever ago and it keeps telling me to buy the full game is there any way i can fix this
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    Hey Alphawolf205690,

    Thanks for reaching out to us, welcome to forums and I am sorry to hear about the issue you ran into.

    In order to resolve this, have you tried reinstalling your game? Also, do you own physical or digital game copy?

    If it's digital, simply delete it from your PS4, then go to PS4 Store > Library > Purchased > and re-download it, to see if issue remains

    If it's physical, delete it as well and then reinstall it by using your disc.

    Should issue persist, let us know!
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