Hello everyone,

It's still a pleasure to see all of you enjoying and sharing your experiences on Trackmania!
We are pushing an update today in order to fix urgent issues and make some improvements, so here are the changes:

+ We implemented a fix that should remove the server crashes on Map Reviews.
+ We've fixed an issue where under certain conditions the spectator mode was locked in "free" or "follow all" mode.
+ We've added the checkpoint activation sound even if the UI is hidden.
+ We now display the checkpoint UI and special blocks messages when testing a map in the editor.
+ The "Look behind" camera is now available.
+ You should no longer see the character shadows while using the old Camera 3.
+ Skin browser should no longer crash while clicking on the folder button.
+ Improvements in the design of the news activity in clubs.
+ Fixes and improvements in the menu.
+ Multiple improvements on the net code.

We are also aware of the current issue where trophies are only given to a few players in multiplayer and hope to solve it as soon as possible.

Thanks and see you on track!

Ubisoft Nadeo's team