Sure, Battle Royale games have been the kick lately. However, the market is getting saturated. Every developer seems to want to jump on the BR bandwagon. When that happens, it is usually a good idea for a game publisher to find the next big idea.
A polished stand-alone game much like FC5’s arcade mode (on steroids) can be this new hot game that takes over the market. That is, if it were free to play and have the proper developer commitment.

Here is my pitch….
I hate to say, but I have a strange feeling that Far Cry 6 will not include any Arcade Mode (aka map editor) like FC5 had. This feeling is painful. I cannot begin to tell you how much more I enjoyed the Arcade mode over the base game. Even with all of its issues and lack of real support I was obsessed. After countless hours of time spent in the Arcade mode (playing and designing), I truly fell in love with the mess it was. It showed me that this kind of community driven game environment, in a stand-alone form, could be big hit for Ubisoft. I truly feel that it would be wise for Ubisoft to develop a polished, free-to-play, stand-alone Arcade style online game environment. It could be the next big thing after Royale. Sure, FC5’s Arcade mode wasn’t a huge hit. But this wasn’t because the idea was bad. It was just not completely supported and developed as it needed to be to go anywhere. No offense...I loved the editor, but it wouldn’t stand on its own. With the correct fertilizer, adequate sun, clean water, and nutrient rich soil, a community driven game environment could bring tons of players over to Ubisoft who want something different than a Battle Royale. I would like to share my (and some from others) ideas about how this could work. Of course, I am just a regular guy. I do not claim to have game development knowledge, nor do I know too much about the economics of the gaming industry. I just have thousands and thousands of hours of gameplay under my belt. I started with the Atari console and have not stopped since.

What would a stand alone (Arcade style) game need?

  • Deep developer (Ubisoft) commitment (long term)
  • Variety of modes (territory control, bomb/defuse, capture the flag, small scale Royale, Death Match, Doom like, Stealth, Horde etc)
  • First person and Third person views
  • Player vs AI that includes up to 4-person co-op online and with Split screen options
  • Player vs Player: allowing a variety of player counts (2v2, 5v5/6v6, 16/16 etc)
  • Squad and solo based games
  • Multiple eras represented (primitive times, Western, World Wars, SciFi, modern)
  • Polished hit reg and weapons
  • A large variety of weapons (including different genre and era weapons, toy weapons/nonviolent weapons (dodge balls/paintballs etc))
  • In server (next map) map voting, more robust map ratings systems, and map comments
  • Robust anti cheat
  • Player bans and reporting
  • Ability to follow map developers and teams
  • Clans and groups (see Revenue below)
  • Clan rankings and clan social spaces (see Revenue below)
  • Private matches
  • Ability to create playlists …run servers (see Revenue below)
  • In game perks for Ubisoft’s “pay-for” games. So, a player earns cosmetics in other Ubisoft games by completing in game challenges. This would help promote the “pay-for” games.
  • A much higher map memory limit for game designers. Let’s face it…the memory that we were given in FC5 Arcade Editor was horrible and not adequate to make a detailed game (see Revenue below)
  • Ability for vehicles to respawn.
  • Improved logic and triggers
  • Some scripting (see Revenue below)
  • Character, weapon, vehicle cosmetics (see Revenue below)
  • Large (and regularly updated) library of assets, skins /meshes (see Revenue below)
  • Social media promoters (Twitch..YouTube channels etc)
  • Tournaments and challenges (set up by Ubisoft and clans)
  • Better water control
  • More texture spots (see Revenue below)
  • Better object snapping with clear indicators
  • Saving asset groups for other maps
  • Sharing of asset groups (see Revenue below)
  • Manual audio zones and triggers (see Revenue below)
  • Featured map developers (feature impressive amateur map editors while also inviting well known professional map designers to make maps for the game)
  • Co-op map making (see Revenue below)
  • Individual gameplay stats and leader boards for players
  • Map designer stats

-------some of the above ideas have come from others------

Revenue – How will Ubisoft make money. Afterall, it is a business.

  • Rental servers/playlists
  • Small monthly fee for official clans where they have a virtual clan social space and the ability to challenge other clans in tournaments. Clan rankings.
  • Cosmetics…cosmetics…cosmetics
  • Besides of course, a free developer tier… create professional developer tiers (allowing/limiting more map memory, assets available, modes available, player counts, co-op developers, more texture spots, number of live maps at one time, scripting ability, …)
  • Create a developer Marketplace for assets, audio, meshes, logic, asset groups, skins, remixes packs (these need to be reasonable in price)
  • Set achievements where the awards are cosmetic items in your regular games. This would promote your other pay for games.

The beauty in this is that it pulls all kinds of players into one environment. It isn’t just for the map editors. Sure, you will have the casual player who does not care about designing maps. He/she may just want to play to earn a cosmetic item for their new Assassins Creed game. Then you will have the hardcore competitive types who want to play in a serious clan and be apart of something. You will cater to the third-person and first-person players. Players from the large Battlefield type games to the smallish COD and CSGO games will also find a home. Looters will loot. High intensity Doom and Dusk players will have plenty of slaying options. Couch buddies will laugh and fight against AI together. It will grow more each year. There will be enough variety to keep players coming back. It covers a ton of avenues. If anyone can do this it is Ubisoft. Seriously, if done with dedication it can be big.