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    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier - Raven Strike DLC UBISOFT STORE BUG

    I recently bought the DLC for the game, the thing is: you need to activate it with the proper key in-game even though it is already downloaded on your PC files DLC folder. I contacted support because the DLC was listed on my owned DLC but I couldn't see the key anywhere. Support told me that the store template didn't provide a key, which means that the DLC is going to be downloaded but you'll never be able to access it. The only solution was a refund.

    Various older Ubisoft titles follow this system (in-game key activation apart from the download). DLC for Assassin's Creed Revelations follows the same mechanic. If you don't buy the DLC with the key elsewhere, the DLC key is nowhere to be found.

    Ubisoft, you should consider adding an option like right clicking on each item of "Owned DLC" and a "show key". If you don't do that all your DLC for older games on your store that require in-game activation are useless.
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    Hey Bisonfan95 - I caught sight of your thread and just wanted to reply with some information, even though it has been a few months, in case it could help other players.

    You can view activation keys for older titles by following the steps in this guide. If you purchase an older title from us that requires a key to be activated in-game, or if you're unsure of a key you have previously activated on your account, please see if you can't find it in that section.

    I am sorry to hear that in your case the key could not be located and you needed a refund, Bisonfan95.
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    Still doesn't work

    A whole year later and this issue is still a problem. Just been told in chat that people are working on it.

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    Hi UKMule,

    I'm sorry to hear that's been occurring for you.

    Hopefully this can be resolved soon.
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