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    Share Your Videos and Images Here!

    Hi everyone! By request, please have this stickied thread for sharing videos and images with the rest of the community!

    Check out this guide from Black_Widow9 on embedding images. And don't forget that you can embed videos from some sites in your forum posts, too. Our Test Postings forum is a good place to try it out, if you're not sure how.
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    BluePrint Trailer

    Hey guys,

    i'm working on a steep-movie called BluePrint right now and just wanted to share the first trailer with you. The movie is simply about the beauty of steep itself. If you like this concept and if you are interested in the full movie just subscribe to my channel. Watch in 1080p

    Link to the Video


    My Channel if you are interested


    Thank you for watching & enjoy the ride!
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    ≡ Steep Montage ≡ bWater

    Since a lot of montages shot in the backcountry, thought I'd keep backcountry clips to a minimum, mixing it up with some clean lines, big airs, grinds and some rage inducing wing suit runs in cool places. Enjoy!

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEV2YepOVwc

    My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN3iE8forkAwm3Iei0IJSzg
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    First duo on Fallen Rocks


    Me and a buddy did this challenge in tandem, pretty fun.
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    I'm certain everybody has seen this by now, but here we are regardless.
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    Another freeriding video from me just carving down the mountain to the tune Swiss Ice Cream by Zikali.

    I love this experience more and more and more. Game of the year for me!

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    Steep In Motion | Showcase

    Hi guys,

    This series aims to capture the beauty of Steep as well as feature some of the most epic lines set by the game's online player base. Each video features one of the preset lines with one of the top scoring riders taking it on.

    It would be awesome if you guys could check it out. I've made 5 video's so far, but plan adding more in the next few weeks. Also if anyone has some awesome lines they would like to share, add me and I would love to make a video about it. I'm also super keen to make a video with 3-4 riders at one time, so please hit me up if anyone of you guys are keen! Thank you so much again!

    Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...LnESuVX22o6fWr
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    Octuple Backflip

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    @ChrisinMotion Great video man, especially like the choice of music, very fitting for big mountain sports.

    I like a lot of the videos here, but I feel the whole replay system could do with a lot of work! Being able to manipulate the camera more would be huge

    It would be great to have fixed point cameras that you can "place" and they track the rider, or a free cam that doesn't even have to be looking at the rider (like you could put it under a jump and just have the rider fly across the screen. Also the ability to set all these up so they kick in at certain triggers in your replay the next time you watch it back (kind of like the GTA V video maker, or even Driver 3 way back on the PS2!). I honestly think videos could be incredible in this game, but they need to give us the tools for it!
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    Hello guys !

    My first steep wingsuit montage !

    I hope you will enjoy

    Have a nice day
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