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    I finished my patrol in 1939 so I could install the GWX 1.02 patch. Did so and started next patrol in my Type VIIB (I think it's January, 1940) but I noticed I got circle-shaped rotating antenna on the right-front side of my bridge which I find no use for. I assume something went wrong (I might have started a game with SH3 Commander without putting GWX 1.02 cfg files into it) or?
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    It's just the radio antenna used to pick up transmissions and is rotating because your radioman is trying to pick up messages etc. It comes with the GWX patch and is retracted when you dive. In fact it is fixing what was broke because in stock SH3, the antenna was always retracted.
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    Thanks for the info. Iguess it's a noob question but I haven't played for a long time and only got back into it recently with GWX. What was confusing was that it wasn't there with stock GWX and December 23rd corrections.
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